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Booking Process

Intially we will discuss your case and then suggest the most relevant test for resolution. You can specify a suitable date, time and location. We will send you a pre-examination assessment to complete


Experienced Examiners

Your case will be assigned to one of  our experienced examiners who will analyse the detail and help to formulate the questions neccessary so that you can achieve accurate results


Fully Verified Reports

On completion of the Lie Detector Test we will provide you with fully verified reports including all analysis, script and charts so that the case can be substantiated. We do not charge extra for reports


98% Accuracy Achievable

We mantain a high level of accuracy through a combination of state of the art equipment, operating within an accredited framework and suitably provision for each outcome


Lie Detector Test

The Alternative Solution

Resolving a wide range of personal and business issues from infidelity, theft, family disputes to employee screening and business fraud

We are a client focus lie detection service provider and treat each individual case with the care, empathy and professionalsim that is required. We operate discreetly, confidentially and do not pass judgement on anyone. We are here to help

About Us

Welcome to Lie Detetcor Test Ltd, we are a discreet, professional and ethical lie detector test (polygraph) provider helping clients all over Ireland. With our strict operating framework and code of ethics based formulated from the guidelines of the world leading bodies such as the American Polygraph Association we are able to offer professional tests for private matters such as infidelity, false accusations and business or legal matters since as theft or fraud. Our client support team are highly trained and combined with our experienced and accredited examiners we can offer a comprehensive and accurate service.

industry leading

Board of Examiners

Our examiners are all highly experienced and in many years of service have encountered all types of cases. In our pursuit of excellent  we thrive to constantly refine and improve our process and test procedure.

Attention to detail

Excellence in Lie Detection

Through training at the American Polygraph Assoication, our examiners are skiled to maintain focus and not susceptible to any attempts to trick our test.



Client X had contacted us as there were rumours amongst family and local friends that his partner had been unfaithful. His partner was nervous and reluctant to take the test and our client assumed this was an admission of guilt. We advised him and prepared a case for the polygraph examination.

Pre-examination Assessment

Our client completed the assesment and we discussed the process with his partner to reassure her that it would be conducted with a fair and fact based method.

Lie Detector Test

His partner was nervous as expected and was asked 15 questions over a 2 hour period of which 3 were specific to the matters of infidelity and based on particular events having occcured or not.

Case Preparation

The questions that our client had specified included beliefs or opinions which are not suitable for the lie detector test. We worked closley with him to formulate specific questions and understand his objective.

Conclusion and Reporting

On completion of the test we informed our client that his partner was indeed telling the truth and provided them both with a fully verified report which they were able to present to close family memeers and clear her name, and move on.

Our Services

Trained by the World Leading Body in Lie Detection

The rigourous training which we have completed has prepared us to be vigilant and mindful and we are passionate to deliver accurate results on every occassion.  We are in pursuit of the truth and follow a strict code of ethics.


Business fraud is on the rise

As we are now in the data era and the increase distribution and value of sensitive data, we support a number of business clients by providing lie detector tests as part of their employment screening process or as a discipline when there is breach of non-disclosure agreement.

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Controlled Offices


State-of-the-art Equipment

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Accredited Examiners

About Us

What Our Clients Say

We operate with strict client confidentiality and are always pleased to receive feedback from clients who are happy for us to publish their testimonials.

I found Lie Detector Test after searching online for a professional company that could carry out a test on my premises. I wanted to cover all my bases as a lot was at stake for me. I made contact after looking around the website. I had a lot of questions, and I'm sure I must have driven the customer representative mad, but he was really great answering all my questions and then following up with an email that I requested. The test was as described, fast, professional and yielded the truth. I was very surprised at the outcome of the examination. What else can I say but thanks, you did what you told me you would. I was very happy, and it was money well spent. The truth is priceless. Thanks to everyone especially that customer service rep and the examiner.
Terry Healy
Terry Healy
16:33 27 Aug 17
The service with Lie Detector Test Ireland was second to none, they covered ever aspect imaginable and even the little things i hadn't thought about. The outcome of the examination was better than i ever expected, the team was so welcoming and you are made to feel very comfortable considering the stress that it entails for all involved. I would recommend then highly to family and friends and should i ever need reassuring on a problem again these will be my first choice.
Brianna Anderson
Brianna Anderson
23:31 12 Aug 17
Delighted with the service provided by Lie Detector Test Ireland. Booking was so straightforward and the team put me at ease from the very first contact straight through to the results. Would definitely recommend!
Lisa Walsh
Lisa Walsh
16:52 27 Aug 17
Very nice and professional staff, well organized and have a good grasp on their field. They provided everything that was needed together with good information and clear results. Recommended!
Elisabeth Smelien
Elisabeth Smelien
15:31 27 Aug 17

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Accuracy achievable through strict framework


Average price of test with no hidden costs


Miles travelled last year to help clients

Transparent Pricing

As a client focused company, we are happy to be transparent with our pricing and be clear from the outset on reaching the objective

Infidelity Test €595 pp   €1195 couple

Used to resolve relationship trust issues and to test the faithfulness of a partner or to get closure and move on

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Theft Test for €595 pp

Used to interogate suspected over theft which you do not wish to report as the relationship is a stake.

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Allegation Test €595 pp

Where chatacter is being attacked whether private or business matters. Clear statement based

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Business Deception €895 pp

Discreet business testing used for employment screening, detecting fraud, theft and white collar crime

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Get in Touch

Our ethos is based on understanding each case on a client-by-client basis. Each of us are unique and despite many years of experience we do not assume anything and treat each client’s case with the same process and respect as the last.

Empathetic, Professional and in Pursuit of the Tuth
Please feel free to contact us for a free consultation. Our helpline is open 24 hours a day and we are able to conduct lie detector tests at relativley short notice if required.
Contact info

6-10 Suffolk Street, Dublin

1 800 945 209 Free Helpline (calls taken 8am – 8pm)

Our Locations

We provide nationwide coverage through our controlled offices and residential outreach. Whether in rural or city basesd locations, we are able to assist at relativley short notice.

Dublin, Ireland

Our busiest location as we provide testing in all areas of Dublin. Lie Detector tests can only be conducted by appointment and booking. We do not accept walk-ins because of the nature of our service.

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Limerick, Ireland

Our controlled office in Limerick is discreet and visited by appointment only so you can be sure you matters remain confidential.

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Cork, Ireland

Our Cork office is been specially selected for it being fir for purpose for Lie Detector Testing.

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Galway, Ireland

Our Galway controlled office location is suitably setup to provide the neccessary environment to support our framework and mantain oru high level of accuracy.

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Waterford, Ireland

Our Waterford controlled office is setup simply for the purpose of testing and we are able to reach all surrounding areas.

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Sligo, Ireland

Lie Detector tests in Sligo can only be conducted by appointment and booking. We do not accept walk-ins because of the nature of our service

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