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We have regional offices and discreet controlled locations across the Ireland where we conduct private lie detector tests for clients.
All of our tests can be conducted at one of our controlled offices available throughout Ireland or at your private residence if the required environment criteria are met.
To proceed and confirm your booking we will require upfront payment of €50 deposit (non-refundable booking fee).

Infidelity / Relationship Issues

Suitable for matters involving intimate partners with trust issues


Theft / Allegations

Suitable for matters involving private theft or damaging allegations where criminal prosecution is not intended.


Paternity Testing

An alternative to DNA testing where the matter is private and based on an incident or event having taken place.


Business Matters

From employment screening for recrutiment to white collar crime, we are able to assist

Same Day / Next Day Local Lie Detector Testing in Athlone

We are able to provide lie detector tests through and around Athlone and in addition to conducting them at our controlled office locations, we can also provide them at private residential locations where conditions are suitable. We do not charge extra for coming to private residential addresses if they are within the local areas.

Discreet Controlled Office or Residential Tests Available in and around Athlone

Discreet Controlled Offices in Athlone

ACT Business Development Centre

Venue 4 Athlone

Conference facilities

National Head Office

Harcourt Centre Harcourt Road Saint Kevin’s Dublin County Dublin
We are open 8am – 9pm Monday to Friday and 10am – 8pm Saturday to Sunday.

Polygraph Examinations (Lie Detector Tests) are becoming increasingly important resolving often complexed and private matters in an affective and discreet way. We take pride in delivering the highest level of professional service to our many clients in and around Athlone. Please feel fre to contact us for a free consultaton or to find out more.

Discreet and Private Service in Athlone

As a client focused lie detector service provider, we take great care in safeguarding our clients so that their matters remain private between the peopel invovled.

Controlled Office Locations

Confidentiality is at the forefront of our approach. We only disclose our location once the booking has been confirmed as to respect the privacy of our clients.

Arrange a free consultation

Our experienced and confidential client support team are on hand to assist with any queries about the nature of lie detector testing and are trained to discuss matters in detail and handle those who are in distress to make sure their matter gets the attention and empathy neccessary in building an understanding.

We are strictly confidential so please provide as much relevant information as possible and we will do our best to assist you.

The Many Uses of Polygraph Testing

Polygraph testing is used to determine if a person is truthful or not, based on the circumstances surrounding their particular case. Lie detection tests are costly because they are carried out by professional examiners trained in discerning the truth from polygraph...

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How to Debunk Lies and Fallacies on Social Media

Before we had internet access “old wives tales” were a rife.  Now we have lies and fallacies on social media. Old wives tales included not going out with wet hair or you’ll catch a cold, eating carrots improves your vision and masturbation causes blindness.  It is...

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What is a lie detector test?

A lie detection test is a test conducted to determine the honesty and loyalty of a person. The result it provides depends on various factors such as variations in heart beat, pulse rate, breathing patterns, blood pressure etc. It is useful in many cases such as to...

Polygraph Examination in Athlone Identifies Inhalant Abuse

Lena never thought she'd be calling us for a polygraph examination in Athlone when things started to go missing from under the kitchen sink and from the shed. Coming unstuck Lena had broken her favourite vase. It had been a gift from her grandmother and she loved...

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