Private polygraph tests in Ireland are available for anyone seeking the truth about any matter.  It may be that you want to know if your partner is cheating.  Or you may think a friend or family member has stolen something from you.  Perhaps an employee is defrauding your company.  Or maybe you are thinking about employing someone in your home and want to be certain they are trustworthy.

Lie detector tests as seen on reality TV shows bear no resemblance to how private polygraph tests are conducted. They are not carried out in front of an audience and no one other than the person who ordered the test will see the results.

How the polygraph works

Polygraph equipment is able to measure and record physiological responses of the person taking the test.  Changes in breathing, heartbeat, perspiration and blood pressure are the most common signs of deception when answers to questions are given.  A fully qualified, experienced and accredited polygraph examiner is able to differentiate between normal changes and those which are not. Also highly trained in the analysis of results, an examiner produces a full report of the findings when the test is completed. These will include both physical and emotional variation data.

Commonly known as a lie detector test, the polygraph examination actually comprises a series of tests. Physiological responses are recorded when the subject answers questions.  Polygraph technology interprets changes that occur, working on the principle that when a subject is dishonest physiological reactions, triggered by the brain, are not controllable.

Prior to the test, there is a pre-test interview during which the examiner will get to know the subject. Questions to be asked will be reviewed giving the subject the opportunity to change the wording or possibly confess.

The final phase is when the examiner reviews and interprets the results. There are three possible conclusions when the test results have been analysed as follows:

  • The subject is telling the truth
  • The subject isn’t telling the truth
  • The test results were inconclusive

The examiner will verbally discuss the results with the person who ordered the test and then complete a written report containing more detailed analysis.

No one can be forced to sit the test. It must be undertaken on a purely voluntary basis. The test will normally last around 2 hours.

Private polygraph tests in Ireland

Lie detector tests can be conducted in a controlled secure office or any other location that meets the environmental criteria of the test. Many people prefer to take them in a controlled office because they are on neutral ground.  Tests conducted at home can be undertaken but only if there are no distractions for the duration of the test.

Lie Detector Test Ireland

With offices all over Ireland, it isn’t too difficult to travel to one of them near to home. Currently Lie Detector Test UK has office in the following locations:

  • Dublin
  • Cork
  • Limerick
  • Sligo
  • Galway
  • Athlone
  • Belfast – Northern Ireland

If you have any questions about private polygraph tests in Ireland contact us via our website or call us on: 85 176 3360 or +353 1 5710661. You are assured of the utmost confidentiality and a sympathetic ear to your problem.

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