When her normally happy and extrovert sister became withdrawn and depressed our client suspected she was the victim of domestic abuse in Limerick where she lived. She booked a lie detector test which unfortunately proved her right.

Charlotte’s case

When Charlotte’s sister Stacy started living with her boyfriend she noticed that Stacy was always putting herself down.  She kept saying that she wasn’t good enough for Harvey and wasn’t attractive like some of his previous girlfriends had been.

Stacy and Charlotte’s mother was a model in the 70’s and the girls had always been happy that they’d inherited her good looks. Charlotte couldn’t understand why Stacy had changed so much from the bubbly, confident girl she had always been.

Domestic abuse in Limerick

Since most people associate violence with domestic abuse, Charlotte looked for bruises but there were none.  However, reading a variety of material on the internet she came to understand that there are many types of abuse in the domestic sphere.  She found several websites dealing with domestic abuse in Limerick and elsewhere.

She began listening more closely to the way that Harvey spoke to Stacy and considered that sometimes he was verbally abusive.  Things he said seemed designed to make Stacy feel insecure about herself and on occasions he called her disparaging names.  Charlotte wondered what he was saying behind closed doors to her.

Normally very close, a distance developed between Charlotte and Stacy. Usually they spoke to each other at least once a day and now it was more like once a month.


At a party that had been organised for their parent’s 25th wedding anniversary, Charlotte was appalled by her sister’s appearance.  She had lost so much weight she resembled a skeleton.  She asked Stacy directly what was wrong.  Stacy said there was nothing wrong but didn’t sound particularly sincere.

After the party Charlotte sat down and spoke to her parents about her concerns.  The parents had been equally worried and they decided between them to book a lie detector test for domestic abuse in Limerick.

Stacy would do anything that her father asked of her so it was agreed he would convince her to take the test.

Lie detector test in Limerick

In the pre-test interview with our polygraph examiner Stacy was completely honest about what was happening in her life.  Her parents were both successful, as was Charlotte, in everything they did.  Stacy had wanted to tell them that her relationship with Harvey was abusive but that would mean she had failed.  Failure wasn’t something that was accepted in the family as far as she was concerned. She agreed to take the polygraph test since it was the easiest way to let them know she had failed.

Our polygraph examiner compiled his report and sent it to Charlotte since she had ordered it.

After the test

Stacy has moved back in with her parents.  They were astonished that Stacy felt she couldn’t open up to them.  They explained that we all make mistakes and there is no shame in that.  Stacy perhaps hadn’t noticed some of their failures when she was growing up.

Stacy is recovering now and will think carefully before she enters a live in relationship with anyone again. Our polygraph examiner explained to Stacy how, apart from the lie detector test for domestic abuse in Limerick she might consider putting her next boyfriend through a test before making any commitment.  Polygraph tests reveal a lot about a person’s character.

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