How many of our readers have considered that a friend’s teenage son or daughter will welcome extra pocket money from babysitting?  Or what about that family friend who is unemployed and needs a bit of extra cash? Several we imagine, but how many of you made sure the person is safe? Background checks on teenagers are difficult because at 16 or above they may not have work records so what can you do?  Our Dublin lie detector tests for babysitters help immensely to identify the calibre of someone’s character.

For those who think that polygraph services are a bit “over the top” for babysitters consider the following case.

Babysitter convicted of sexual assault committed 20 years ago

Stephen Browner appeared at the Dublin Circuit Criminal Court this week facing 8 charges of sexual assault against a child.  The offences occurred over 20 years ago and began when the girl was 8 years old.  The abuse ended when she was 10.

Browner was the teenage son of a neighbour and trusted by the family.  It was only when the girl told another family about it, 2 years after it started, that the matter was brought to the attention of her own family.  Browner’s family was informed that he had forced the girl to masturbate him on several occasions.  As so often happened in those days, the families didn’t report it to the Gardai. Instead, Browner sent a letter to the girl’s family apologising for his behaviour.

It took until 2016 for a formal complaint to be made to the Gardai. The decision was made by the victim due to her psychological problems in dealing with what had happened to her.  She also wanted to prevent Browner from abusing others.

The full story can be read by clicking on Browner sexual assault

How Dublin lie detector tests for babysitters help

The Browner case is one of many. Indeed historical sexual abuse cases run into their thousands.  We conduct polygraph examinations for people who haven’t been believed in the past and for those who want to take the first step in seeking justice.

However, prevention is by far the best approach.  Specially trained polygraph examiners can pose questions that reveal flaws, or the lack of them, in a subject’s character. With a fully analysed report parents can be safe in the knowledge that they have found a trustworthy and reliable babysitter.

Private polygraph services are available to anyone nowadays and affordable to many families. Our Dublin lie detector tests for babysitters extend beyond the capital and are conducted nationwide. Tests can be conducted in one of our local offices or if certain conditions are met, at your own home.

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We will conduct polygraph examinations on teenagers who are 16 or above. Please note that parents /guardians consent is required for those aged 16 & 17.  Teenagers in this age group must be accompanied by their parent or guardian who will be required to provide ID and sign consent forms. However, they will not sit in on the test with the minor.

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