Q. Can your Dublin polygraph examiner find out if my husband is stealing again?

My husband used to mix with some very suspect people but he’s now 58 and we have two beautiful children and a decent home. The majority of the money we used to buy and furnish our homes came from the people he used to work with, but I’ve left it in the past now and it appeared he had also. I’ve spoken to him and explained I’ll leave and take the kids with me, if I find out he has any future involvement with these people.

At first it was handling stolen goods, which he got caught for and went to prison for a period. He took the rap for one of the more senior members of the set up so had to stay in slightly longer. This, I thought, was why they left us alone for a while. The next thing I know he’s bringing home luxury cars. I later found out they were stolen motors.

We moved to get as far away as possible from these people. We’ve been living quite happily for a few years now but last Friday my husband went out. While he was apparently drinking with friends I did some washing. I found a train ticket from the previous week in his jeans going to one of his old haunts. I’ve asked him about it and he said it wasn’t his. He said he’d probably picked it up somewhere by mistake.  I think he’s lying but can’t prove it. I love my husband but I’m not going back to looking over my shoulder every 5 minutes.

Can a lie detector test find out what he’s up to?  There’ll be no problem getting him to take it as he knows I’ll leave him if he won’t.

P.L., Dublin

Dublin Polygraph Examiner response

This is a very straightforward issue.  Yes, we can work with you to formulate questions so that you get the answers you need.

The test takes around 2 hours comprising a pre-test interview, the polygraph examination and the initial analysis.  You will have a fully analysed report within 24/48 hours which will have been checked for accuracy by another highly qualified and accredited examiner.

If you would like to discuss the matter further, call our free helpline on 85 176 3360.  If not, you can book a lie detector test online using our securing reservation system.  From there you can choose the best location for the test to be conducted.

Any questions?

If any of our readers have questions for our nationwide polygraph examiners, please email us with them.  Our examiners operate nationwide and try to respond as quickly as possible.  If you’ve already sent a question and it hasn’t been addressed, we will get round to it so don’t worry.  We are receiving in excess of 30 per week!

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