We have drawn attention many times this year to the danger of dating apps. We make no apology for highlighting the risks of meeting strangers in the real world.  If it saves people from being raped by serial sex offenders our work is worthwhile. Our Dublin polygraph examiners have conducted many lie detector tests for people wishing to date someone they don’t know.

Sexual predator Patrick Nevin

A particularly vile case is that of Patrick Nevin who is currently incarcerated for sexual assault of a student in Dublin in 2014.  It took two and a half years to secure his conviction on this offence for which he was sentenced to five and half years. He had pleaded not guilty. Within 2 hours our Dublin polygraph examiners would have established whether he was telling the truth or not.

However, two other cases have been heard in the Central Criminal Court resulting in sentencing being deferred until next May. This has distressed the victims immeasurably.  These cases involve the sexual assault of one woman and the rape of another also carried out in 2014. Nevin pleaded guilty to these charges.

What all the women have in common

All Nevin’s victims met him on Tinder and some allowed him to collect them from their homes. Having done so he drove them to secluded locations where he carried out the attacks.

Nevin had a criminal history. He’s spent 7 years in jail for horrific domestic violence against his partner. After killing the 2 family pet dogs he had threatened to kill her too. In 2012 he received a suspended sentence for being in possession of an illegal weapon.

If his victims had known anything about his background it is clear that they would never have agreed to meet him.

In an interview with Gardai, Nevin said that he was in contact with hundreds of women on Tinder. It remains to be seen whether there are more victims that have not so far come forward.

Sentencing has been adjourned pending reports from the Probation Service and prison governor. Quite understandably this has dismayed his victims.  For more information about this case click on RTE News

Dublin polygraph examiners to the rescue

Naturally there are many people who meet up through Tinder and social media platforms with no problem at all.  However, perhaps these sites should insist on a verification process that includes passing a lie detector test.  It would prove that they are who they say they are and that they have no criminal record as a minimum.

Our Dublin polygraph examiners work with private individuals who seek to check out prospective partners.  Lie detector tests have become a very common step for modern couples who are thinking about commitment.  In a society where very little can be taken at face value the lie detector test can prevent mistakes being made that lead to the Nevins of this world.

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