When you are pregnant, have unsupportive parents and a possible cheating boyfriend life is pretty miserable.  This query about our Galway infidelity lie detector test is truly heart rending.

Q:  Does your Galway infidelity lie detector test cover unmarried couples?

I’m 17 and pregnant.  My parents are really mad with me and hate my boyfriend who is 10years older than me.  I think part of it is the fact that Ben is a Protestant and we are Catholics.  My parents have forbidden me to see Oliver or they will throw me out.

Apart from my miserable home life, I am worried that Oliver may be cheating on me.  Most of the time I’m sure we love each other.  But the other day I bumped into a mutual friend of ours, Belinda, who told me that Oliver has another girlfriend who is also pregnant. Naturally I asked Oliver about it and he said it wasn’t true.  When I asked why our friend would have told me such a thing, he said Belinda had come on to him a while back and he had turned her down.  I want to believe him but something in the way he said it made me suspicious.

Part of me doesn’t want to know because I can imagine my parents with their “I told you so”. I’m scared of bringing a child up without a father too. But if I don’t find out it will tear me apart.  I feel sick all the time and I can’t eat or sleep.  It’s on my mind all the time.

I’ve read some of your polygraph examiners’ advice to people and wonder if a Galway infidelity lie detector test might help my situation. I can’t speak to my parents and since I got pregnant my friends seem to have distances themselves from me.

S. F., Galway

Response from Galway Polygraph Examiner

I’m so sorry to hear about your situation.  You must be feeling very insecure at the moment.

In answer to your question, our infidelity lie detector tests are not confined just to married couples.  Anyone who has relationship problems can order one.  However, your boyfriend would also have to agree to take one.

I’m sure you know that you are not the first person to go through this and you most definitely won’t be the last.  If you have an unsupportive family your feelings of insecurity will be worse than those who have understanding parents.

In terms of knowing the truth, it’s better to find out sooner rather than later. You have a child to consider now.  Imagine living with suspicion over a long period of time.  It will lead to arguments and stress which isn’t a pleasant environment in which to raise a child. It’s also not good for your health.

Oliver may be telling the truth in which case you have nothing to fear.  If he is not, you must decide whether you can live with his infidelity and the fact that he may have fathered a child with someone else.  Either way, if you don’t know you can’t plan ahead.  Ignoring a problem doesn’t make it go away.

Booking a lie detector test

I suggest you call our free helpline for further discussion.  I’ll need as much information as possible to formulate the questions Oliver will need to be asked.  For example, you don’t say how many months pregnant you are.  Has Oliver’s behaviour changed toward you since he found out you are pregnant?  Is he turning off his phone or not taking your calls when he is away from you?

Let our friendly customer service representative know that you’ve been advised to call in by the Galway Polygraph Examiner.  Between us we may be able to come up with a solution to make your life easier.  We can advise you how best to persuade Oliver to take a test and how to book.

Bear in mind that things are seldom as bad as they seem and a problem shared is a problem halved. You can also rely on our absolute discretion and confidentiality.  So call us today on 85 176 3360.

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