As polygraph examiners we conduct a lot of lie detector tests for alleged infidelity in Belfast. Suspicion arises for many reasons but the worst is when malicious rumours spread as happened in this case.

Allison’s case

Virtually everyone ‘knew’ that Allison’s husband Roy was having an affair with their 18 year old babysitter, Sophia. The same people ‘knew’ that Sophia was pregnant and that Roy was the father. Allison was blissfully unaware of the rumours that had spread like wildfire over recent months, until Sophia gave birth to a son, Rory.

Whilst the gossips maliciously maligned Roy in the local bars and tittle tattled in the shops, they were tight lipped when Allison was around. As a nurse, Allison worked mostly night shifts and slept during the day. When Sophia was brought into the maternity unit of the hospital where Allison worked, she was accompanied by her parents.  Allison waved but they ignored her. She felt their attitude was a little strange but put it down to them being preoccupied with their daughter.

When Sophia had announced she was pregnant, she hadn’t divulged the name of the father. Allison presumed that if Sophia wanted people to know then she would tell them.  As she hadn’t Allison didn’t press the issue.  Now that her time had come to give birth Allison wondered if Sophia had told her parents.  There was no father in sight for the birth.

Who is the father?

The following night Sophia’s parents were leaving the hospital at the same time as Allison arrived for her shift.  They again ignored her greeting so she walked up to them and asked if something was wrong.  Sophia’s father almost spat at Allison as he said “You know full well what’s wrong. Isn’t Roy getting enough at home from you?” Shocked, Allison asked what he meant.  The sneering response was “Don’t play the innocent; you know Roy’s the father”.  Then they walked away.

Allison had no idea how she got through her shift.  At the end of it she went to see Sophia.  After admiring the baby, who bore and uncanny resemblance to Roy, she asked Sophia who the father was.  At first Sophia wouldn’t say but after Allison told her about the confrontation with her parents she said that Roy was indeed the father. Stunned, Allison walked out of the maternity unit, into the car park, got in her car and drove tearfully home.


Roy was leaving for work as Allison pulled up in her car.  He was aghast as she got out of the car sobbing.  Rushing to her he asked what was wrong.  When Allison told him he was dumbfounded.  He said it wasn’t true.  Allison responded that the baby looked like him and asked why Sophie would lie?  Roy had no idea.

He put his arm around Allison, led her into the house and they sat down to talk.  Roy admitted that he had heard rumours and that his mates were always cracking jokes about him sleeping with the babysitter.  But he never for one moment imagined that they were anything more than jokes.  He’d never mentioned them because Sophia was a good babysitter and great with the kids.

However, the seriousness of her parent’s believing he was the father was just too much.  He picked up a phone and dialled our number.

Lie detector test for infidelity in Belfast

Roy had a long conversation with our Belfast polygraph examiner to formulate the questions that would lead to proving his innocence.

We conducted the test and it transpired that Roy had never kissed Sophia passionately. He’d never had sexual contact or intercourse with her either. Indeed he had no interest sexually in Sophia at all.

Roy asked for a copy of the polygraph examination results to be sent to Sophie’s parents. He now wants Sophia to take a lie detector test and has spoken with her parents to arrange one.

If you think your partner is cheating on you, the fastest way to prove or disprove it is by getting them to take a polygraph test for infidelity in Belfast or at a location most convenient to your home.  It’s also the quickest way to stop malicious gossips who have nothing better to do with their time. Call us free on 85 176 3360 for a chat about our polygraph services and how they can help in difficult situations.

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