Q. Do you have a lie detector test for infidelity in gay relationships and how accurate is it?

I have been with my partner for almost 40 years and we’ve had our ups and downs. In the early stages, when we first got together I have to admit I cheated on him several times. Luckily he always forgave me and we stayed together.

Recently I have been trying to organise a surprise party for our 40th anniversary and I’m pushing the boat out for it.  I want as many people as possible to share our celebration on Bali which is where we met.

Naturally with flights from the UK and accommodation to organise it has been quite a task but I’m almost there.  I had a very successful career and my partner gave up everything to look after me.  I can think of no better way than spending a few hundred thousand pounds on this event to thank him for his love and dedication.

Unfortunately, he thinks I am cheating on him again.  Considering I am now in my 70s and with him most of the time, I’m not sure who he thinks would find me attractive or when he believes the alleged infidelity has taken place.

Nevertheless he has asked me to take a lie detector test for infidelity in gay relationships.  My worry is that I’ve read the debacle around the Jeremy Kyle show recently.  Seemingly they are not 100 percent accurate and results can be misinterpreted.

I’m happy for my partner to arrange an appointment with your Galway polygraph examiner because I am not cheating. However, I don’t want my partner to know about the party since it will spoil the surprise. I’m also terrified that my possible nervousness might produce a wrong result.

Can you reassure me in some way?

N.W., Galway

Response from our Galway Polygraph Examiner regarding test for infidelity in gay relationships

Our infidelity lie detector test covers heterosexual, gay and any other type of relationship. The questions are similar and usually take the form of:

  • Have you passionately kissed anyone (during time period to be specified) since being in a relationship with your partner other than those he already knows about?
  • Have you had sexual contact with anyone (during time period to be specified) since being in a relationship with your partner other than those he already knows about?
  • Have you had sexual intercourse with anyone (during time period to be specified) since being in a relationship with your partner other than those he already knows about?

If you can agree that questions along these are to be asked, there is no need for him to learn about the surprise party.

In terms of accuracy this will not be affected by your natural anxiety.  As fully qualified forensic psychologists we are able to make allowances for this and will take you through the process in the pre-test interview.

Lie detector tests are not for entertainment

The Jeremy Kyle Show was produced for the worst type of entertainment. The reality of the Polygraph Industry is far removed from what viewers saw on the show. Keep an eye on our blog for an in depth analysis of why the show should never have used lie detector tests in the way that they did.

In the real world polygraph examinations are conducted in controlled, secure environments.  Drugs and alcohol may not be consumed for 24 hours before a test.  If the test results are inconclusive a production team doesn’t decide on a pass or fail. For comprehensive information on the causes of inconclusive results please click here.

Accuracy of test results

In terms of accuracy our tests are never less than 90 percent accurate.  We use state of the art, up to date, polygraph technology.  You might be interested to learn that eye witness testimony scores much lower in accuracy.  358 convicts given the death penalty since 1989 in the USA have been proven innocent via DNA evidence.  71 percent of those people were convicted with a heavy reliance on erroneous eye witness testimony. The average sentence served by those wrongly convicted was 14 years before they were released.  Full statistics on this study can be accessed by clicking on Psychological Science.

Normally in cases of infidelity in gay relationships, or any other type of relationship, lie detector test results are sufficient to convince the partner whether it has occurred or not.

Booking a polygraph test

You can book a test online using our secure reservation system but if you are seeking more reassurance, call our friendly, customer service staff free on 85 176 3360.  As you will expect from a professional organisation your conversation with them will be confidential.  Please mention that the Galway Polygraph Examiner has suggested you call and that you are interested in a polygraph test for infidelity in gay relationships.

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