This sizzling July hasn’t provided any vacation time for our polygraph examiners. You’ve been contacting us for life changing answers to your problems and also to see if the polygraph test is right for you. We hope you’ve managed to find the answers you’ve been looking for and we’re always here to help in any way we can. We’ve been investigating popular topics and stories and hope you’ve managed to catch up with them. If not please follow the links below. We’d love to hear your opinions on them and also any other stories you think we should look into. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter for all the latest polygraph news from Northern Ireland and the Republic.

Cheating husbands in Fermanagh, Roy Moore, Elderly relatives at risk and Money Laundering in Dublin

2 July – Lie detector tests reveals a cheating husband in Fermanagh, follow our link for more information

5 July – Attorneys for Roy Moore’s accuser say he “likely failed” the polygraph test, read the story by The Hill

5 July – We advise a worried relative in Limerick regarding theft from the elderly on what actions to take next

8 July – Highlighting a story by the Irish Mirror of a man and woman suspected of money laundering in Dublin, read on for more

Jeremy Piven, Essex Police, More on the Rory Moore story, Infidelity in gay relationships, Business theft and Kyle Richards

8 July – Actor and comedian Jeremy Piven has said the #MeToo movement has tarnished his reputation and cut short his acting career.

10 July – Roy Moore’s lawyers claim questions about the polygraph are a ‘Publicity Stunt

11 July – Galway Polygraph Examiner advises on Infidelity in Gay Relationships

11 July – Malicious gossip can wreck friendships and marriages unless you nip it in the bud. Our client did exactly that with a Lie Detector Test for infidelity in Belfast

12 July – Business Theft / Fraud – Are you having trust issues with a business partner or valued employees? This month we outlined what you can do before progressing to criminal proceedings, especially when you are not certain your suspicions are founded. A private lie detector test will get you the answers you need.

15 July – Who is telling lies about the Kyle Richards Lie Detector Test? We follow Newslalate to see the full scoop

False Child Abuse Allegations, Love Island, Theft from parents, Missing Gran in Bikini, Shawn Rhoden and Infidelity in the forces

16 July – Case Study, Cork Lie Detector Tests reveal False Child Sex Abuse Allegations. Follow out study here

18 July – Allegedly the Lie Detector Test used on Love Island last year was not approved by the British Polygraph Association!

19 July – When wayward teenagers appear to be stealing from parents to finance their lifestyles Lie Detector Tests can help. Our Armagh polygraph examiner explains how.

20 July – The Mirror reports, that a grandmother was snatched because of her looks, in bikini and hiking boots but is her husband linked to her disappearance?

21 July – Shawn Rhoden, Olympia champion, was accused of raping a female bodybuilder in a Utah hotel, at the end of 2018. He has since passed two Lie Detector Tests regarding the issue

22 July – Dundalk Lie Detector Test for Infidelity exposes cheating army mechanic

ISIS Bride Lisa Smith, Boris Johnson, Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, Drug Relapses and The Titans Lewin

22 July – In the event that ISIS bride Lisa Smith is allowed to return to Ireland with her child who thinks she should take a Lie Detector Test given her denial of any involvement in the terrorist group’s activities?

23 July – BORIS JOHNSON’S alarming attitude towards foreign leaders and Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has been exposed in a worrying anecdote published in the Financial Times this week. Read the Irish Posts report here

23 July – Boris Johnson is the new leader of the Conservative Party and the UK’s new Prime Minister. We ask will he deliver what he promises?

24 July – A leading critic of Congresswoman Ilhan Omar says she may be the “most crooked politician in Minnesota history” and has filed a complaint demanding an ethics investigation.

24 July – Polygraph Examiner advises on Drug Addiction in Dublin, read on for the ‘diagnosis

25 July – NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Tennessee Titans left tackle Taylor Lewan is facing a suspension after a test came up positive for the banned substance ostarine, according to a post he made via social media Wednesday.

Bishop Richard Malone, More on Love Island, Fake news in real time, Executor fraud

25 July – We think the fastest way Father Dennis Riter can disprove or prove the allegations against him is to take a Lie Detector Test. What do you think?

27 July – Do you think Love Island is boring without the Lie Detector Tests and if so why?

27 July – ‘Fake News in real time’: Reuters’ tweet showing ‘Guatemalan mother begging soldier to let her enter U.S.’ is missing some important context

29 July – Do you think someone is cheating you out of part or all of an inheritance? Read how our clients used a Lie Detector Test to ascertain the truth.

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