When our client contacted our Lie Detector Test Dublin Service she discovered more than the lesbian infidelity she suspected in her partner.

Dawn’s case

Kathryn and Dawn had known each other since their parents moved in next door when they were both 8. They had been inseparable ever since. Both girls where quite attractive growing up and neither seemed to be too interested in boys. At high school their relationship started to get closer until one night at their weekly sleepover, Dawn lent over and kissed Kathryn. At first, Kathryn pulled away but soon they both realised they were in love. They now understood their lack of interest in boys was because they loved each other. Although both felt they would only ever have a same-sex relationship with each other.

Coming out

They kept their relationship a secret until they started college. Their friends knew but their family didn’t. They both confronted the situation head-on, nervous about their parent’s reaction. To their surprise they were very supportive. In fact, they already had an inkling that something had been going on. Refreshed with the new found approval from their parents, they moved in together. Dawn and Kathryn had never been with anyone else, boys or girls and their relationship seemed solid. They went to gay bars and clubs and could now finally be together without constantly looking over their shoulders.

The 7 Year Itch

They’d been together for 7 years, living together for 3 of them when Kathryn started to behave differently. They’d always been so affectionate toward each other but now Dawn felt Kathryn was being off. She’d started to go out with her art school buddies and never invited Dawn along. She was seeing less and less of Dawn and Kathryn now seemed to be irritated by her whenever she broached the subject. One evening whilst Kathryn was out, Dawn found a phone number in her jacket. She hadn’t been snooping but doing the laundry. Dawn seemed to do everything around the house these days. The number was for someone called Charlene. Dawn had heard Kathryn talking to her on the phone. She always left the room whenever she called. Dawn was sure something was going on and asked Kathryn when she came home from her usual Friday night out. Kathryn accused her of being paranoid and moaning, as she always did. She told her she was sick of the accusations and if Dawn didn’t trust her, what was the point of their relationship?

Lie Detector Test Belfast Service booked

Dawn contacted our Lie Detector Test Belfast Service to order a polygraph test for Kathryn. She knew if she found out Kathryn was cheating it would destroy her. Dawn also knew asking Kathryn to take the test might end their relationship anyway.  However, she felt she had nothing to lose either way. She needed to know the truth. Kathryn agreed to go to take the test so easily that Dawn wondered whether she had misjudged her partner.  Perhaps she really was being paranoid.

In the pre-test interview Kathryn told our polygraph examiner that she loved Dawn but wasn’t in love with her anymore. She had agreed to take the test as an opportunity to get out of the relationship. The results of the lie detector test proved she’d been cheating. Kathryn knew she’d fail and it would break Dawn’s heart but she just couldn’t face telling her herself.

Onward and upwards

Dawn had more or less expected to discover that her partner had been unfaithful but was devastated to learn that Kathryn wanted to end their relationship. Since Kathryn had said she was no longer in love with her, Dawn agreed they should go their separate ways. She’s single and intends to stay that way. One broken heart was enough for Dawn, at least for the time being.

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