There have been various studies done over the past couple of years showing that mechanics are some of the least trusted people in the UK.  Notably research carried out by MotorEasy showed that almost 30 percent of women drivers and 47 percent of men considered they were overcharged by mechanics.  We wonder whether it’s time to introduce a lie detector test for mechanics in the training or pre-employment screening process.

Suspicious motorists

Although male drivers were more suspicious of mechanics than their female counterparts, 31 percent of female motorists had ceased using their garages since they felt they were being exploited. Over 33 percent of young women aged between 20 and 25 years feel more exposed to being ripped off. 25 percent of older motorists aged between 56 and 70 also feel vulnerable to being overcharged.

Unscrupulous mechanics can spot someone who knows nothing about cars a mile off. If you don’t invest in RAC or AA membership you can be particularly at risk of being duped by back street mechanics.  When your car breaks down and you need a mechanic in a hurry, you have to hope you can trust the breakdown recovery or mobile mechanic who turns up to rescue you.

According to an RAC Report  one in three vehicles that break down annually in the UK end up having work carried out on their cars that isn’t necessary. However,  in a breakdown situation most motorists are more concerned about how they’re going to get to work or home. Wouldn’t it be great if you knew that the person who arrives to fix your car had taken a lie detector test for mechanics in the pre-employment screening process?

Emergency Call Out

The story is always similar with dishonest mechanics. You get a  flat and when the mobile mechanic turns up, he/she tells you the worst. The flat tire can be fixed but you have a far more critical problem.  If you continue to drive the car you may end up doing more damage than good. It’s a good job they caught you when they did!

Can you fix it?

There are many women who know how to fix cars and we’re getting better as the years go on. However, some private mechanics do try it on and they can scare the life out of you. It’s impossible to tell how much money is spent on unnecessary work on cars when the parts they take out are in perfect working order. Sometimes they don’t even change the part; just clean them up and replace them.

 How a lie detector test for mechanics can help

Polygraph tests don’t only define truth and dishonesty.  In the pre-employment screening process a lot can be learned about the character of the person.  Garages using them know that their employees are honest and loyal to their employer.  A mechanic collects lots of certificates in training. Lie detector test results proving integrity could be added.

When diagnosing the problem with a vehicle the public would have more confidence in a business that had verifiably honest personnel.

Another way lie detector tests for mechanics could assist is when a scenario arises where the quote for work is exorbitantly high, maybe running into thousands of pounds. Asking the mechanic to go through a polygraph examination may add to the cost but equally it could reduce it.

Business achieved by recommendation is the best there is.  If you are a garage owner, your reputation stands and falls on the mechanics you employ.  Contact us about our specialised lie detector tests for mechanics and how they can improve your bottom line.

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