Pat had spent all Christmas watching him like a hawk. She knew it could not go on. The addiction lie detector test in Armagh would be the change that they needed. It was a New Year and she was determined to have a fresh start.

Pat’s story

Jamie’s decline had been painfully slow. When he finally hit rock bottom, Pat felt that change was possible at last. It was only when Jamie was lying in hospital, facing up to the damage that he had done to his liver, that things began to take shape. Pat had known that the challenge would come when he left the hospital, but now it was a simple choice – stop drinking or die.

Pat worried about him non-stop. She knew Jamie’s alcohol addiction was a disease that he had to fight daily.

When the Christmas period came a couple of months after Jamie’s release from hospital, it was really difficult. Pat had never noticed just how much alcohol was involved in Christmas festivities and Jamie couldn’t have any.

She knew she couldn’t watch Jamie for ever or continue to let her mind be taken up with worrying about whether or not he had slipped up. When she heard about the use of polygraph tests to monitor sobriety, she knew it was the solution they both needed. Jamie needed his independence and she wanted to learn to trust him.

The addiction lie detector test in Armagh would help them both

Thankfully Jamie thought it was a great idea too. He didn’t want his mum watching his every move. Pat was amazed at how easy it all was. Within a couple of days she had not only booked the test, but had also met the polygraph examiner who would be conducting it.

Additionally, to Pat’s surprise, she had been able to have some involvement in the creation of some of the questions that Jamie would be asked. The cooperation in developing some of the lines of enquiry was fantastic because she was able to include the things that had been on her mind all this time.

So a couple of days later, Jamie made his way down to Armagh and took the test. Pat didn’t go with him; this was all about Jamie gaining some independence. Besides, having met the highly experienced examiner and been involved in creating some of the questions, she was completely at ease with the process.

On his return, Jamie said that he too had enjoyed the experience. It had been a unique way to prove to everyone that he had changed, as well as reassuring them all he had not been drinking.

Results and periodic polygraph tests

When the results arrived the next day, the information that Pat received was far better than she had expected. The data showed that Jamie was indeed on the road to recovery. Not only had he remained alcohol free, Jamie’s answers also showed that he was at last growing up.

That was two years ago. Today Pat and Jamie cite the addiction lie detector test in Armagh as the beginning of a new chapter for them both. As well as much-needed independence, the test also helped to build Jamie’s self-esteem. It is now something that Jamie takes twice a year, both for his mum and himself.

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