In a recent study conducted by the Department of Health, details emerged that more than 64 percent of people in Northern Ireland are obese or overweight. This is how one couple chose a lie detector test in Bangor to get to the bottom of an inexplicable weight gain issue.

Adam and Paula’s case

Adam was ecstatic when Paula agreed to marry him. She was everything he could ever dream of – slim, good looking and intelligent with a great sense of humour. His friends joked he was “punching above his weight” when he introduced her to them. The wedding had been beautiful and Paula had looked amazing, a real vision of beauty. Three years later she’d changed from a healthy size 12 to a much larger size 18. Initially, it hadn’t bothered Adam until the doctor said she could develop diabetes if she didn’t lose a few pounds. Adam said she needed to diet but she’d already tried everything and nothing seemed to work.

Secret stash

Adam tried to remain upbeat and although he was in good shape, said he’d diet with her. They could take long walks and maybe go for bike rides. He took on the responsibility of cooking all the meals. That way he could ensure the portion sizes were correct and the right foods were being eaten. Adam even went to the trouble of removing the chocolate stash in the fridge and the entire crisp drawer had been given to a neighbour. He loved his wife and explained that he wanted her with him as long as possible. Taking control of her weight and diabetes threat would ensure that was exactly what would happen.

Till death do us part

Adam couldn’t understand how, after 3 months, Paula weighed even more than in the beginning. Pushing a size 20, she said she couldn’t understand it either. They’d both given up alcohol so that wasn’t the problem. Speaking to Paula’s doctor in confidence he suggested that she may be secretly eating.

Adam decided to give us a call to find out if a lie detector test in Bangor could help. He had to get Paula to admit what was going on or their marriage would be over before it had ever really begun. How could he trust her on anything if she lied about this? Paula knew what the results would be but the realisation of how upset Adam was made her go along.

In strictest of confidence

Paula was comforted at how discreet the office in Bangor was.  The staff who welcomed her and the polygraph examiner who would conduct the test were friendly and polite.  Knowing that her matter would be kept completely confidential made her feel more relaxed. She sat the test but in the pre-test interview admitted to having secret snacks of junk food and the like. She’d pretend to go shopping and stop for a quick KFC on the way home without telling Adam.

The results were returned a few hours later and Adam, although devastated, was supportive. After Paula explained that she felt pressured by his enthusiasm to make her lose weight, making him understand that it had to be her decision.  He arranged a weight loss and yoga retreat break for her and she chose to go. After 1 month at the retreat, Paula is down to a size 18 again. Adam and her doctor are pleased with her progress and Paula’s target size is to get back to a healthy size 12.

Lie Detector Test in Bangor

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