It was her gut that confirmed her thoughts when she overheard Tony’s conversation about cheating. She was fine though – the sexual contact lie detector test in Galway was her solution to finally sort this once and for all. Everyone has their limits and Michelle had reached hers.

Michelle’s story

In the twenty years that they had been married, Michelle had her suspicions many times. She’d read about the lie detector test in Galway many years ago. It was the way Tony always swore blind that he had not had an affair that would lead to her backing down on every occasion.

Tony would swear on his mum’s life, look her in the eye and protest that he had never cheated on her.Then one day she overheard his bragging – if you didn’t go as far as having full on sex with another woman, it wasn’t cheating.

There it was. All those niggling feelings over the years, the way she had seen him look at certain women, the unexplained absences and times when he hadn’t answered the phone. She was gutted, but deep down she had known that something was wrong. Years ago there had been the kids to think of but they were nearly grown-ups now.

This time round it would be about her

Michelle knew what she wanted. She had been thinking about it for a while. She had steadily regained her freedom over the last couple of years, as the kids didn’t need her so much anymore.

She’d taken this for nineteen years and now she wanted out of this marriage – on to something better. It was time to put her own needs first.

That was why Michelle didn’t say anything to Tony about what she had overheard. Instead Michelle booked the polygraph test. Grateful it was so easy to book online, she was really glad that the examiner was a specialist in administering sexual contact polygraph tests, as he was dealing with her husband and his lies.

The ultimatum

Two days later, she had a very calm and matter of fact conversation with Tony.He could either take the lie detector test in Galway or move out. She didn’t mention what she had heard Tony say to his friends – why should she?

Being his usual cocky self, Tony had laughed at her. When he realised that she was serious, he went off on one, declaring her completely bonkers. Eventually, he said he would take the  test if it would stop her moaning at him.

Results of lie detector test in Galway

When Michelle got the results back from the polygraph test two days later, she felt a mixture of devastation and release. Her marriage was over. It was both a beginning and an end.

Michelle was grateful for the polygraph service because it helped her to close the door on her marriage and move on, without any misgivings. The added benefit was that Tony was completely floored that she had rumbled him after so long.

Filled with remorse, she actually preferred him now that they were separated and planning to divorce. He was a better person now than when they had been married.

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