James instinctively knew something was wrong. That was why he chose the sexual contact lie detector test in Newry, near to where he lived. He wanted to know exactly what had happened on New Year’s Eve, so that he could make a decision about his relationship one way or another.

James’s story

To be honest, he had been a bit of a grump. He had to shoulder a little of the blame for why the test was necessary to help him solve his problems.

James wanted to spend New Year’s Eve in the pub with his mates. Emma had other ideas. She was always like that – endless glitz and glam. So he had found himself dressed to the nines at a posh New Year’s Eve do.

He was already suspicious after her ex turned up. They had been way too touchy-feely for his liking. He was so angry at Emma’s tipsy, flirtatious display on the dance floor that he had to go outside for some air.

When he came back he couldn’t see Emma anywhere. It was a good hour before he spotted her again, followed by her ex. When they started dancing it was the last straw. He left the party, livid.


He’d confronted Emma a number of times since that night. He was sure that there had been sexual contact with her ex. However, Emma’s angry responses would always match his and they would go round and round in circles, arguing with each other.

For James enough was enough. They had been together for a long time, but when James learned about the lie detector test in Newry from a friend, he knew that was what he needed. He rang the polygraph service later that day and was amazed to be able to book the test the day after.

He’d expected Emma to be outraged that he had arranged the polygraph test, but she seemed to take it pretty well. She was probably as drained from all of the arguing as he was.

Both James and Emma were relieved to learn that James didn’t have to be present on the day of the test. Emma went alone.

Results of the lie detector test in Newry

When the results arrived James was glad that he had booked the test. Emma’s responses gave him far more information than he could have imagined. There was no way that he would have been able to manage to talk to Emma about this. It would have hurt too much. The evidence was clear, Emma was cheating on him. It had started just before New Year’s Eve and it was with her ex.

James and Emma split up later that night. Today, Emma is back in a relationship with her ex. James is taking some time out to play the field and find someone a little less high maintenance.

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