Pre-relationship checks and prenuptial agreements, once associated more with the USA, are now quite common in the UK. It makes perfect sense for people to take pre-relationship lie detector tests as many of our clients do. The polygraph helps to build trust prior to commitment.  This is one client’s story who found out, by taking pre-relationship lie detector tests in Galway, it’s not always the person who takes the test that blows the relationship.

Love or money?

Alan was a very successful man. He’d worked hard all his life. He had the mansion, some twenty rental apartments all over the world and a fleet of rare cars in the garage of his £3,000,000 home. He was 70 years old but didn’t look it. His fortune had been built from nothing and the home with 7 en-suite bedrooms and 5 reception rooms was really far too big for him by him by himself. Alan’s wife had died a few years previously at the age of 80 and he missed her terribly. His children, who had long since left the home and were building lives for themselves, told him he needed to find love. Alan was uncomfortable with this. He knew, with his current wealth, it would difficult. Would the person he met be after his money or truly love him?

Finding love online

Claire was successful in her own right.  She’d won the lottery a few years previously. It wasn’t megabucks but she had invested the money wisely, building a future for herself and her 11-year-old son, Carl. At 35 years old, she’d bought a couple of restaurants and these were doing very well. Claire had also invested in a luxury home and a small antique shop, which to her credit had taken off better than she’d hoped.

She’d been alone since her son was born and the deadbeat dad had paid nothing towards Carl’s upkeep. However, on winning the lottery he’d started to contact her again knowing she was still single. Her mother had suggested maybe going online, not mentioning her wealth, and seeing who she’d meet. This way he’d love her for who she was and not for the money she had.

Claire had chosen her dating website carefully and when Alan came up, she was both intrigued and attracted to him He was a builder who lived quite close to her, successful by all accounts but apparently in a modest 2 bedroom home. 35 years her senior didn’t seem to bother her (even though it should have) so she decided to meet him.

Soon after their first meeting, she knew she would fall in love with him. He was dressed well and had perfect manners. Ok so the age gap was huge but between the two of them, this didn’t matter. They were in love and for both of them this was something they hadn’t experienced in a long time.

Lie detector test compromise

After a whirlwind relationship and a few home truths, they were due to get married. Both had been very happy when they found they both had money. The problem was Alan had far more money than she did and when he suggested a prenuptial agreement this put a strain on the relationship.  The wedding was postponed while she thought about it.

Claire loved this man with all her heart and suggested they both have pre-relationship lie detector tests in Windsor to see if either was in the relationship for money. She knew she wasn’t but the thought of him not trusting her enough, hurt her too much to comprehend. They were in love and she had her own money so why the prenup? She organised the test a lot quicker than she thought since the process had been a lot easier than she’d expected, but Alan wasn’t keen. He didn’t want a lie detector test, he wanted the prenup. This is what his children wanted and there was no budging.

Claire went to take the test and proved without any doubt she was marrying for the right reasons, but Alan didn’t show. He didn’t contact her and her efforts to get the results to him didn’t seem to warrant a response. Claire didn’t feel she needed to take the polygraph test.  Alan should have taken her as he found her all those months ago, from the first date when neither knew they each had money. However, she’d gone because she loved him.

Pre-relationship lie detector tests in Galway for fast results

Alan didn’t see this and his stubbornness earned him nothing but solitude for the rest of his life. Claire, on the other hand, met a new man who didn’t want a prenuptial agreement a few years later and married for love, not money. You don’t need a legal contract to prove you want someone for the right reasons.  Simple pre-relationship lie detector tests in Galway or nationwide could do this with little effort. Alan didn’t see this can you?

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