Domestic abuse is often hidden behind closed doors for years.  When the truth finally emerges many women and men are not believed because if it was true, surely they would have left the abusive partner right? Wrong! Private lie detector tests in Ireland play an important role in restoring the self-esteem and credibility of victims.

For those who have never experienced abuse within a relationship understanding the complexity of it is difficult. Abusive partners are frequently charming to outsiders. This sometimes leads to not only the police not believing the victim but also friends and family.

Reasons people stay in abusive relationships

There are many reasons why an abused person would stay rather than leave and here are some of them:

  • Frequently victims are ashamed or embarrassed. To admit they have remained so long with a person who has abused them, may cause people to judge them. Victims often believe it is their fault or in some way they deserve the abuse.
  • Sometimes when children are involved, and even when they are not, a domestic abuse victim is worried about how they might survive emotionally or financially outside of the relationship.
  • Victims occasionally believe that what they are experiencing is normal. If they have never had a healthy, loving relationship domestic abuse may not seem unusual to them. This particularly applies if they grew up with parents who were emotionally or violently abuse to them or each other.
  • Constantly being told that you are useless and it is your fault that you are being abused has the effect of brainwashing. Told often enough, your self-esteem will diminish.

Other reasons people suffer domestic abuse in silence

From the private lie detector tests in Ireland that we have conducted, more reasons have emerged as to why victims stay.

  • The fear of their sexuality being revealed – when an abusive partner threatens to ‘out’ them to family, friends or colleagues.
  • Finance – when one partner is dependent financially on the other they can feel helpless. Where will the abused partner live? How will they survive without financial resources?
  • Culture/Religion – fear of bringing shame on their family may play a significant role in victims staying with an abusive partner.

Overwhelmingly the majority of our clients tell us they love their partners irrespective of the abuse. More often than not, the abusive partner was a wonderful person when they met them.  Most would welcome an opportunity to get back to those happy days if they could just stop the abuse.  It’s not impossible to repair abusive relationships but since abuse is about control it’s improbable if the emotional or physical violence has been going on for years.

Victims need to consider carefully who the real person is – the nice person they see occasionally or the monster they see a lot?

Private lie detector tests in Ireland

If you would like to know more about how lie detector tests in Ireland can help with abusive relationships call us.  Our advice is free and our polygraph examiners highly experienced in domestic abuse cases. Confidentiality is assured and you can trust us to help if we can.

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