More and more young adults are being sucked into the world of hard drugs. All illegal drugs are bad for you but when it comes to heroin and crack cocaine, the effects can be devastating. When a person becomes addicted the psychological and physical dependence is very noticeable.  When Stanley and Frankie started to see changes in their daughter, they never imagined they’d need a Limerick lie detector test for addiction to find out the cause.

Rapid Weight Loss

Jade had always been on the larger side but recently had started to lose weight. This wasn’t a controlled weight loss, it happened rapidly. She seemed to drop two dress sizes within the short space of a month. Frankie, a large girl herself, asked what her secret was. She’d tried all the diets she could think of and nothing worked. Jade must be onto a new fad diet she didn’t know about. Jade just casually stated she was eating healthily and had cut out all of her chocolate and junk food.

As the weeks went by, Jade became thinner and thinner. Initially, it had looked healthy but now she just looked pale and unwell. Frankie urged her to see a doctor but Jade said she felt fine and dismissed the need for medical help. Frankie had seen documentaries where young people had tried drugs like heroin and cocaine and confronted Jade about this. She denied all of it, chastising her mother for thinking such a thing.

Getting to the truth

Frankie contacted us to discuss a Limerick lie detector test for addiction. She needed to know her daughter was safe and why the weight just seemed to be falling off her. At 18, Jade couldn’t be forced to see the doctor and maybe this was the only way she could work out what was going on. In consultation Frankie told us that she’d seen other changes that had influenced her decision to call us. Jade never had any money even though she had a well-paid job. She would be feeling ill in the morning and calling in sick, but oddly a few hours later she was fine.

Our work with addicts in Ireland has resulted in many seeking treatment and recovering. We explained to Frankie that addicts are devious and try very hard to hide what they are doing.  Many are in denial and won’t accept they have a dependency.  Others know they do and it scares them. Many addicts willingly take a polygraph test when requested to.  Some because they think they can beat it and others because they are ready to admit they have a problem.  The latter, often don’t know how to tell people close to them.  A polygraph examiner won’t judge them and is a stranger.  It’s much easier to admit something to a stranger who you may never meet again.

Limerick lie detector test for addiction

Jade sat the Limerick lie detector test for addiction and the results revealed she was taking heroin and crack cocaine. Frankie and Stanley were very worried this could spiral out of control. Jade said she wasn’t addicted but the test indicated otherwise. For Frankie the decision was easy. She booked Jade straight into a rehabilitation clinic.

Frankie got in touch with us with an update on Jade’s progress.  After going through two weeks of hell, she is doing fine. She’s off drugs and hopes to reconnect with her family very soon.  Frankie believes the test could have saved Jade’s life.

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