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Intially we will discuss your case and then suggest the most relevant test for resolution. You can specify a suitable date, time and location. Check our live booking system.

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Your case will be assigned to one of our accredited and experienced examiners who will analyse the detail and help to formulate the questions neccessary so that you can achieve accurate results


Fully Verified Reports

On completion of the Lie Detector Test we will provide you with a fully verified report. We do not charge extra for reports.

95 - 98% Accuracy

We mantain a high level of accuracy through a combination of state of the art equipment, operating within an accredited framework and suitably provision for each outcome

Home and Office Test Available

We offer both in office and at your location test for your convenience. Get in touch with us to schedule an appointment and take the next step forward with your life.

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Through our secure online booking system, you can request a provisional date, time and location for the test. We will contact you to confirm if your requested date and time is available or will allocate the next suitable day and time that is available.

On completion and payment of the €50 non-refundable booking fee you will receive a pre-examination assessment to complete by e-mail which can be returned electronically and a sms (text message) confirmation of your provisional booking.

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We have regional offices and discreet controlled locations across the Ireland where we conduct private lie detector tests for clients.
All of our tests can be conducted at one of our controlled offices available throughout Ireland or at your private residence if the required environment criteria are met.
To proceed and confirm your booking we will require upfront payment of €50 deposit (non-refundable booking fee).


Infidelity and Relationship Specialists


Easy & Secure Online Booking System


Direct from APA Accredited and BPS Certified Examiners


Accurate and Methodological


Nationwide controlled offices and residential tests available

Lie Detector Test Ireland

Experience Ireland’s Most Advanced and Accurate Lie Detector Test

 Ireland’s #1 Private & Confidential Polygraph Provider


Fully Accredited and Qualified Polygraph Examiners

All polygraph examiners employed by or associated with us adhere tostrict codes of conductset by the American Polygraph Association and British Polygraph Society.

All possess excellent English language skills in addition to their qualifications in forensic psychology, criminology or other relevant skill set. Highly trained professionals, they are among the best in their field.

Lie Detector Test Ireland

Resolving a wide range of personal and business issues from infidelity, theft, family disputes to employee screening and business fraud

Welcome to Lie Detetcor Test Ireland, we are a discreet, professional and ethical lie detector test (polygraph) provider helping clients all over Ireland.

With our strict operating framework and code of ethics based formulated from the guidelines of the world leading bodies such as the American Polygraph Association we are able to offer professional tests for private matters such as infidelity, false accusations and business or legal matters since as theft or fraud.

Our client support team are highly trained and combined with our experienced and accredited examiners we can offer a comprehensive and accurate service.

We are a client focus lie detection service provider and treat each individual case with the care, empathy and professionalsim that is required. We operate discreetly, confidentially and do not pass judgement on anyone. We are here to help.

Excellence in Lie Detection

Attention to detail

Through training at the American Polygraph Assoication, our examiners are skiled to maintain focus and not susceptible to any attempts to trick our test. You can be assured when dealing with Lie Detector Test Ireland your test will be conducted professionally following all APA and EPA guidelines.

Industry Leading Board of Examiners

Our examiners are all highly experienced and in many years of service have encountered all types of cases. In our pursuit of excellent we thrive to constantly refine and improve our process and test procedure.

Certified APA Polygraph Examiners based in Ireland

We are #1 private and confidential polygraph test provider in Ireland offering lie detector tests with accredited examiners based in Ireland. We provide polygraph (often referred to as Lie Detector) services in Ireland for both private individuals and corporate clients. Tests are conducted in relation to a wide range of issue – such as matrimonial /relationship issues, theft, fraud, assaults, domestic disputes, false allegations, sexual harassment cases and dispute resolution.

Accredited by the World Leading Body in Lie Detection

The rigourous training which we have completed has prepared us to be vigilant and mindful and we are passionate to deliver accurate results on every occassion. We are in pursuit of the truth and follow a strict code of ethics.

Our Locations

We provide nationwide coverage through our controlled offices and residential outreach. Whether in rural or city basesd locations, we are able to assist at relativley short notice.


Nationwide controlled offices, residential tests and discreet locations available

Our lie detection service is flexible with wide coverage and prompt service. We can schedule your lie detector test with relatively short notice. Our secure and discreet locations in all major towns and cities in the Ireland are available if required and if conditions requested by the examiner are met then we can conduct the polygraph examinations at residential addresses. We are well positioned to serve our clients with Lie Detector Tests when they need them.

If you require any assistance with your online booking or have any further questions, please contact our support team on 85 176 3360


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Read our latest publications, in-depth help guides and knowledge base. We believe in sharing knowledge not hoarding it and want to assist to make sure you make an informed decision and get the achieve an outcome which allows you to move on.

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Our ethos is based on understanding each case on a client-by-client basis. Each of us are unique and despite many years of experience we do not assume anything and treat each client’s case with the same process and respect as the last.

Empathetic, Professional and in Pursuit of the Tuth

Our helpline is open 8am to 8pm and we are able to conduct lie detector tests at relativley short notice if required. We offer a reliable, flexible and discreet services. All enquiries are treated in the strictest of confidence. Reliable, Flexible & Discreet. Feel free to contact us for a lie detection consultation. To ensure the privacy of our Clients, no walk-in appointments are allowed.

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Nationwide Coverage – Through our fixed controlled office locations and outreach for privare residential testing, we are able to provide lie detector tests as and when they are required.

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