Nancy was doing her best to move forward with her marriage, but the doubt was constantly at the back of her mind. She wasn’t sure how much longer she could live with the ongoing suspicion. When a friend mentioned an addiction lie detector test during a boozy lunch with the girls, it got Nancy thinking about her own trust issues.

Counselling sessions

When Nancy attended the first marriage counselling session, she’d already decided to get divorced. She just went to the appointment because she didn’t want any problems when she asked Simon for a divorce.

She never dreamed that an addiction lie detector test would end up being part of the equation.

The counselling sessions were really tough. She learned about a different side of Simon. Each session brought new revelations about Simon’s deceit; by the second she wanted to stop going, but Simon wanted to continue.

She still wanted to divorce him. She told herself that she’d take a little time to get her money together – she wanted out.

It surprised her when she heard herself saying “yes”, after Simon asked her if she would give their marriage another go six weeks in.

Sex Addiction Lie Detector Test

Now here she was, nearly a year later and still she couldn’t trust Simon. The addiction lie detector test was necessary for her own sanity.

She couldn’t stand second-guessing everything that Simon said. She didn’t want to keep checking his pockets and phone when he was asleep. Nor did she want to be cheated on again. This was no way to live.

So Nancy planned to use the addiction lie detector test to relieve her fears, or if it was bad – get a divorce and move on. What she knew was that after the test something had to change.

Simon was lovely about the test and he did it. It simplified things so much for them that Simon said that he would do one every year, if Nancy wanted. The peace that Nancy found, gave him a new lease of self-worth too.

The addiction lie detector test was a positive experience for them both. Simon was relieved to find out the examiner was a specialist in sex addiction. Since the test results had arrived in the post, Nancy was a different person.

Creating the questions herself enabled Nancy to get a lot of secret anxieties about their marriage off her chest. With Simon scoring a 6 on the results data, Nancy finally found her peace.

Encouraged by his experience from the polygraph test, Simon told Nancy that he would happily take a test every year, if she wanted. He understood that he had crossed the line and now he needed her trust back.

So far he has come back for a lie detector test every year for the last three years and Simon and Nancy are still going strong.

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