In cases that involve costly police resources, one available resource is not used that would help prevent money laundering. If a polygraph test pass became compulsory for truck drivers to obtain their licences, many smuggling and money laundering activities would dramatically reduce.

Appearances can be deceptive

With no criminal record and the appearance of someone who was financially secure, John Fitzgerald was not a person who attracted scrutiny.  With his own haulage business, he travelled frequently through Irish ferry ports.

It was precisely because he was so respectable that he was appealing to criminals wishing to launder money.  However, appearances can be deceiving.  Fitzgerald actually had no scruples in terms of concealing illegal cargo within his legal load when suitably recompensed.

Information received by the Gardai in August 2017 led to the arrest and prosecution of Fitzgerald who was jailed for 5 years last week, with 1 year of the sentence suspended. His crime was transporting over a million euros in cash that was discovered in his car boot.  As an upstanding pillar of the community he has paid a high price for the 7,000 euro fee he received for committing the offence.  The full story can be read by clicking here

Money laundering in Ireland

Ireland is 9th on the list for money laundering and terrorist activities according to Europol. Human trafficking is also on the rise.

Truck drivers working for haulage companies are subject to stringent background checks, including pre-employment screening that often includes lie detector tests.  However a self-employed truck driver is unlikely to be scrutinised as closely in the capacity of sub-contractor.

How a polygraph test pass can help

Many people believe that the polygraph is solely concerned with truth and dishonesty.  However, when used in the pre-employment screening process, it reveals a great deal about the character of a subject.

Carefully worded questions compiled by experienced, qualified polygraph examiners, determine whether a person’s character would allow him or her to be dishonest. Questions asked about their experience and qualifications reveal the truth of them or indeed the lack thereof.

If a polygraph test pass was compulsory in order for truck drivers to obtain their licence it would deter potential criminals from smuggling, money laundering and people trafficking.  Periodic polygraph tests for truck drivers, employed by haulage companies, would also act as a deterrent for those tempted to make extra cash via criminal activity.

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