Have you ended up with points on your licence from speeding offences you didn’t commit not to mention paid for parking fines you didn’t accrue? Our Waterford Lie detector test service helped Yvonne get to the bottom of the issue with surprising results.

Yvonne’s case

Yvonne’s son Liam had always been a handful, in and out of trouble with the police for stealing cars or antisocial behaviour. Yvonne was at her wit’s end. He’d be out all hours and when he came home, inevitably with a police escort, the arguments ensued.

On the latest occasion she’d noticed her car was missing but since she couldn’t find her keys either, something in the back of her mind made her believe it wasn’t stolen.  Liam had probably taken it without her permission. She decided to wait for him to come home before reporting it to the police.

Where is my car?

Yvonne asked Liam if he’d taken her car. It wasn’t in the drive and her keys were missing.  He denied it and accused her of trying to get him into trouble. Yvonne didn’t know what to do. She didn’t have a partner and it couldn’t be anyone else as no one had access to her keys.

Chatting to her friend, in a dilemma as to whether to report the car stolen, she wondered if our Waterford Lie Detector Test could help. As much as Liam liked to play the tough guy he always backed down and behaved for a short while once found out, irrespective of what he had done. She knew a polygraph test would reveal his deception and hopefully help get him back on the straight and narrow.

Booking the Waterford lie detector test

Yvonne contacted our Waterford Lie Detector Test Service to discuss her problem. She went ahead and booked the test when we confirmed we could help. Yvonne knew she needed to expose her son to avoid him going to into the young offenders system. “One more offence” the policeman had said to her the previous week and he was going away for a few years.

Family Lunchtime

Yvonne decided that she’d tell Liam the whole family were visiting that Friday afternoon and he needed to be there for lunch.  Liam enjoyed family gatherings so was there as arranged.  Yvonne told him he would be taking a polygraph test instead. Liam argued but eventually accepted it. Being a ‘Jack the lad’ he was confident he could fool anyone, the polygraph examiner included.

The Waterford Lie Detector test results were received quite rapidly and Yvonne had the answers she needed to put the teen on the spot. Liam admitted taking her car, nightly to Yvonne’s shock and disbelief. This explained the mysterious parking fines and speeding offences. Liam at 17 was looking at a life of crime and Yvonne couldn’t deal with this eventuality. He had left her car at a friend’s house because he had been picked up by the police on the night he was picked up by the police. He’d at least had the sense to park the car up rather than go out drinking and driving.  However, letting him get away with things wasn’t helping him.

Joining the Army

Liam returned home and was confronted by a very angry Yvonne. She decided that he needed some discipline. She couldn’t seem to get through to him but maybe the Army would. She threatened to report him to the police if he didn’t join the Territorial Army.

A cocky Liam is now in the Armed forces, learning the hard way. Our Waterford Lie Detector Test Service has helped to give Liam a future.

Do you think your teenager is up to no good? A polygraph test can be administered at 16 or over with parental consent. Call our free helpline on 0800 368 8277 for more details.

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