When our client, Sam, ordered an addiction lie detector test in Belfast he was at the end of the road with his relationship. He’d put a lot of effort into the relationship but it just wasn’t working.

Sam’s story

Sam and Natalie had been childhood sweethearts. He would never have imagined that all these years later, he would need to rely on a polygraph test to save their relationship.

Sam was devoted to Natalie and he’d thought she was totally committed to him too. That was until he found out about the affairs – all of them. It was like a flood when she broke. It all came out at once.

Natalie had been sleeping with other people for years. They had split at first. Having always had each other it had been unbearable for Sam. They got back together.

However, things were different now. They’d had counselling and it seemed Natalie was a sex addict. That had almost finished him off. Would the lying start all over again?

The therapist said that there was hope for sex addicts, if the relationship was what they wanted. It had been a difficult six months. They both wanted to move forward with their relationship. Natalie was open to taking the addiction lie detector test in Belfast as a way to reassure Sam that she was not lying to him again.

Periodic polygraph examinations

Sam thought that he would like to get the polygraph examination done every six months, but he didn’t say anything to Natalie. They would see how this first one went.

It was great to meet the examiner in Belfast who would administer the test. Sam particularly liked the involvement that he was able to have in the compilation of some of the questions. That aspect was particularly useful in releasing some of his pent up feelings and concerns.

After the polygraph examination their relationship felt rejuvenated. Sam experienced a new confidence that they could have a future again.

That was nine months ago. The addiction lie detector test in Belfast helped Natalie and Sam to move forward in their relationship. They both say that it feels like their relationship is starting all over again.

Addiction lie detector test in Belfast or nationwide

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