Private Lie Detector Tests across Ireland

We provide a range of lie detector test services tailored to the situation and we will always work with you to ensure full confidentiality and have our own offices at a fixed price.

Have you been lied to or cheated by your partner? Or been accused of lying? Whatever the situation is, we can help!


Accredited Examiners

We are Trained by the American Polygraph Association (World Leading Body), Deliver a 98% achievable accuracy and Utilise the latest and most innovative polygraph testing technology



Supported by the British Polygraph Society

The British Polygraph Society is a felllowship of experienced UK based examiners all focused on providing the best service for clients and constantly refining processes to optimise results.

Infidelity Lie Detector Test

Our extesnive infidelity based polyrgaph examiantion is an alrernative and widely used option when it comes to resolving relationship based trust issues. We build a comprehensive test case based on clearing any uncertainties which may be overshadowing and affecting your relationship.

The infidelity polygraph test will include questions related to dating, contact with ex-partners, physical or direct sexual contact with anyone else. We work with you both to develop suitable questions that work and are accurate and get the answers you need.

All the questions will follow a strict professional format limited to three relevant questions on the issue in hand for maximum accuracy, ensuring confidentiality and sensitivity with respectfulness.

Disproving False Accusations

We have helped many clients to disprove false accusations that were detrimental to their family, social or work circles. Our fully verified reports can be presented to quash rumours  which are often created from purely material foundations and help provide closure.

Businesses based Polygraph Tests

We assist many companies all over Ireland to screen employees as part of their interview/recruitment process. When your employees are going to be working with highly sensitive data and could potentially expose your business to risk, it is beneficial to seek full and further confirmation.

Business Theft / Fraud

If you are in doubt about a business partner or wish to find out the truth about suspsicons you may have about valued employees but do not wish to pursue them through criminal proceedings until your are certain, then we are able to assist.

Professional Lie Detector Tests – Transparent Pricing

Our charges include the full examination, any expenses such as travel or special arrangements and fully verfied reports

Infidelity Test

Relationship Issues

Starting from:

€ 545

  • Available at Residential Addresses
  • Available at Our Controlled Office Locations
  • Average Test Duration: 2-2.5 Hours
  • Reduced price for couples taking tests on the same day
  • Same/Next Day Service Available

Private Theft / False Allegations

Truth Verification

Starting from:

€ 545

  • Available at Residential Addresses
  • Available at Our Controlled Office Locations
  • Based on an Incident, Event or Statement
  • Average Test Duration 1.5 Hours
  • Reduced Price for Multiple Suspects Testing

Business Theft/Fraud

Supporting Disciplinary process

Starting from:

€ 545

  • Available at Your Business Premises
  • Available at Our Controlled Office Locations
  • Average Test Duration 2.5 – 3 hours
  • Fully Verified Reports provided for Disciplinary Action
  • Same Day/Next Day Service Available
You can specify your date/time and location requirements and complete the first stages of your casework using our live booking system.

Lie Detector Tests Process: How It Works?

What Happens During a Test?

We like to think a lie detector test starts when you pick up the phone and discuss your case with a qualified examiner, this stage is often called the pre-test, where you discuss what’s happened and your objectives for the lie detector test. On the day the examiner will require you for around two hours and will divide the time between the pre-test interview, the actual lie detector test stage and the post test where they will explain your polygraph test results and provide a full written report.


  1. Make a call or book online on the website.
  2. One of our professional examiners will get on the call with you and discuss the case.
  3. We’ll schedule a time and date and the location at your convenience.
  4. On the scheduled date, the lie detector test takes place. Around 2 hours in total, including the pre test, actual test and the reporting session.
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