Frequently Asked Questions

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How Does it Work?

The polygraph examination involves intricate technological devices measuring various physical responses to questions asked. This is combined with an experienced examiner whom is highly trained to look for signs of dishonest and further reinforce the results.

How Much Does it Cost?

There are various tests available which take different formats to help achieve the results. On average the test would cost €595 + VAT. If you are quoted cheap pricing then please check the credentials of the examiner and ask if they are accredited with the APA (American Polygraph Assosiation) & BPS (British Polygraph Society)

How Accurate is the Lie Detector Test?

We have an achievable 98% accuracy which is attained through a combination of a strict operating framework, the latest most innovative technology and highly experienced examiners. When booking we will send you a pre-examination assessment whcih outlines your obligations to prepare for the test.

Can I propose the Questions?

Our client support team work closley with you in the initial stage to make sure that the questions are worded so that the answer can be close ended. Questions must be specific to an incident, event or statement and cannot be about a belief or opinion. E.g a question that could be asked is Where you with [Name] on the 23rd September?. This would be a suitable question. However, If you want to ask when you were speaking to [Name] were you thinking about having a relationship with [Name]. We cannot measure thoughts or beliefs. Prior to the Lie Detectot test we willl again go over the questions to make sure you are comfortable and they are worded in the most accurate way to achieve results.

Does it cost more if I have more questions?

Every test is set out to achieve an objective, whether it be to verify the truth, disprove an allegation or find out the truth amonst lies and issues of trust. A standard specific issue test normally approximately 2 hours and there would be 1,2 or 3 specific issue questions that could be asked. The examinee is asked around 15 questions during the 2 hour period and those questions are neccessary as the examiner uses them to profile and test the examinee on how they respond to multiple and varied questions. In the majority of cases we find that 3 close ended questions are sufficient to resolve issues. If you do require more then we could discuss and would have to create a separate test case.

How do you measure accuracy?

High accuracy is achieved through four main factors, the enviroment in which we set the test is devised to be void of distrubance or distraction, the examinee is instructed to follow a strict code of conduct, the equipment is regularly calibrated and updated and the examiner is constantly updated with the latest and most optimal techniques in lie detection which have been devised by the world leading bodies such as The American Polygraph Association and the British Board of Polygraph Examiners. If you are ever in doubt of the qualifications of an examiner then you can also check with most associations and receive verification of their membership.

Common Questions about the Examination

In the following section we focus on questions commonly asked about the actual lie detector test. The answers have been provided by highly skilled and experienced examiners who have encountered every possibility through carrying out extensive tests.

Will medication affect the results?

We would only suggest to not withdraw for the purpose of the test. The requirement is for the examinee to arrive in their normal self.

Will being nervous affect the test?

The test already provisions for the person to be nervous or anxious and in all cases in addition to the focused questions we ask various others to gain an accurate profile of the examinee.

Can I take the test if pregnant?

We recommend that only 8 weeks after birth you should take a test and in any case with pregnancy, you must consult with a GP prior to examination.

Can the test be cheated?

There is a lot of fake news online and as a growing industry widely used for intelligence and sex offender rehabilitation we do not deem it is possible.

The governing bodies of the industry and the advancements in technology safeguard the testing process and make sure that any new method or attempt which is encountered is suitably provisioned for. This is further justified by the growth of the industry and use in a wide range of government, business, criminal and private cases.

How do I book?

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