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Waterford Lie Detector Test curbs Rebellious Teenager’s Behaviour

Have you ended up with points on your licence from speeding offences you didn’t commit not to mention paid for parking fines you didn’t accrue? Our Waterford Lie detector test service helped Yvonne get to the bottom of the issue with surprising results.

5 Reasons for taking a Lie Detector Test

The polygraph has been in use since 1921 and is used for a variety of purposes. The reasons for taking a lie detector test are diverse and many.  Here are our top 5.

Should Doctors take Medical Lie Detector Tests?

The majority of doctors are professional and upstanding members of the community, but occasionally some slip through the net of scrutiny. Perhaps it is time for the GMC to implement medical lie detector tests at the point of registration.

Are Christmas Lies Good or Bad?

With just over 4 weeks to go until Christmas many parents will be practising deceit on a grand scale whilst telling their children it’s incredibly bad to tell lies.  But do Christmas lies cause kids any real harm?

What Irish People Lie about on Weekends

Recent research by Jurys Inn Hotel group revealed that Irish participants confessed to telling lies about where they spent their weekends or exaggerating what they got up to. So what do Irish people lie about and why?

Availability of Private Polygraph Tests in Ireland

Private polygraph tests are available in Ireland for anyone seeking the truth about any matter. It may be that you want to know if your partner is cheating. Or you may think a friend or family member has stolen something from you.

What is evidence?

In terms of most topics evidence emerges from available facts or data that corroborate its existence and whether or not it is valid. Our society appears to have become obsessed with evidence – so what is evidence?  

What is SCAN – Scientific Content Analysis?

SCAN,also referred to as scientific content analysis or statement analysis, is a method that analyses whether words a person has used in a written statement are authentic.

How Polygraph Testing helps People

The image that many people have of Polygraph Testing (lie detector tests) is lots of random people getting into trouble on reality TV shows such as Love Island or Jeremy Kyle. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Is it Curtains or Lie Detector Tests for Journalists and their Sources?

It’s hard to imagine that the price of curtains could cause a media storm.  But that’s exactly what happened this week when the New York Times published an article with a ‘misleading’ headline. We have often said that lie detector tests for journalists and their sources would be a great idea.

How a Sexual Harassment Lie Detector Test Helped one Victim

When Libby was threatened with a polygraph test, she went one step further and booked her own sexual harassment lie detector test. She was sick of them all. She wasn’t lying and if the test could help her to prove that, then that was what she would do.

How a Relationship Lie Detector Test helped save a Marriage

Jade and Harry had been sniping at each other for almost a year now. Jade was convinced that Harry didn’t love her anymore. Harry offered to take a relationship lie detector test to finally put things to rest. He still wanted to be married to Jade.

Polygraph Screening for Police Recruits in Jamaica

Jamaica, a Commonwealth country, introduced polygraph screening for police recruits in 2016 in an effort to eliminate police corruption. The psychology behind it was to prevent unsuitable individuals being employed by JCF (Jamaica Constabulary Force). Pioneered by Dr...

Why an Infidelity Lie Detector Test can help you Find the Truth

If you are worried about cheating or dishonesty in a relationship, an Infidelity Lie Detector Test can provide a much-needed way to put an end to lies once and for all. It's a well-known fact that everyone lies, in one way or another. However, when lies leave someone...

Are White Lies Socially Acceptable?

The risks when telling lies need to be calculated before you tell them. Here we examine whether it is acceptable to tell white lies. White lies parents tell Can you recall how old you were when you first heard what you knew to be a lie? Maybe when you were a child...

How to Debunk Lies and Fallacies on Social Media

Before we had internet access “old wives tales” were a rife.  Now we have lies and fallacies on social media. Old wives tales included not going out with wet hair or you’ll catch a cold, eating carrots improves your vision and masturbation causes blindness.  It is...

UK Government identifies Russian Bots that are Human

When are Russian bots not bots - when they are people like a retired IT professional called Ian who is an avid twitter user? The UK government identified Ian’s Twitter account name: Ian56 as one of several Russian bots. Interviewed on both the BBC and Sky News there...

Hypocrisy of 3 Cheating Politicians who Promoted Family Values

The infidelity of members of parliament is not as frowned upon today as it was a few years ago. The general public are far more forgiving, unless they are cheating politicians who promote family values. Let’s face it that is a tad hypocritical! We researched...

Paedophile Priest who offered to take a Lie Detector Test Jailed

An 82 year old PAEDOPHILE priest, who offered to take a lie detector test when arrested, was jailed last week for 9 years.  One charge related to the repetitive sodomisation of a boy aged 5. Judge praised victims for coming forward Convicted of historic sex abuse,...

Proving your Innocence using a Lie Detector Test

Being questioned by loved ones or work peers when suspicion is raised and placed on you in any circumstance can be difficult to handle. When our clients contact us to discuss such matters in most cases they come to us as a last resort. What we find in these cases is a...

3 Big Fat Lies on the Internet that Hoodwinked Thousands

Isn’t it a shame that there isn’t a lie detector alarm that goes off every time big fat lies on the internet appear?  Here are some we think are worthy of attention since so many people fell and continue to fall for them! Internet Explorer users have lower IQs It...

Infidelity Lie Detector Tests in Ireland Peak

Lie detector tests in Ireland have peaked for us since some new research was published last year. Stats were provided by the popular website, Victoria Milan, where those looking for an extramarital affair can find like-minded people. With 70,000 subscribers in...

How Do Lie Detection Tests Work?

Subjecting a person to a lie detector test is one way to check his integrity and credibility regarding a specific situation. Polygraph machines are often used in such tests. But how do lie detection tests work? How can the test truly check if a person is lying or not?...

The Many Uses of Polygraph Testing

Polygraph testing is used to determine if a person is truthful or not, based on the circumstances surrounding their particular case. Lie detection tests are costly because they are carried out by professional examiners trained in discerning the truth from polygraph...

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