The physical act of sex with others is not the only thing that destroys committed relationships. Affairs of the heart and those that stop short of intercourse but include sexual contact are equally, if not more, damaging. Specialist lie detector tests play an important role in restoring trust that has been broken when one or more clandestine affairs have occurred.

Doubt and suspicion take over your life

A polygraph examination (lie detector test) is a useful method of dealing with doubt in any relationship.

So often the cheating partner feels a need to confess to alleviate the guilt they may feel. Having unburdened their soul, the other partner may forgive but will find it almost impossible to forget. Lingering doubt can ruin the relationship. When the cheater stays late at work, or switches their phone off suspicion arises. When they leave the room to take or make a call, you find yourself eavesdropping. Then you’ll start searching handbags or pockets.

Your partner has broken the boundary of everything you hold dear. When they leave the house you’ll wonder where they really are. And that doubt will erode the relationship building tension that leads to incessant arguments.

Thus, you worry about what your partner might do next. And it is the ‘might’ that kills the relationship, even if you have made a decision to turn things around. Are they telling you the truth about that kiss, or was it more?

What can you do to address doubt in a relationship?

Specialist lie detector tests – sexual contact

A sexual contact, specialist lie detector test can help to rebuild the trust in your relationship.

Many couples are deciding to use lie detector tests as an aid to re-establishing boundaries in a relationship. With structured questions created by you personally, polygraph tests can provide an objective way to keep track of the truth. You can use the test in a way that you both want to help to support your journey in re-establishing trust.

Privately administered by an experienced examiner, a specialised test can encompass questions related to all forms of sexual contact. Testing can take place periodically to check on behaviours or commitment to the agreed boundaries in a relationship.

The private nature of the test allows it to be conducted in a calm and uninterrupted environment. This can be in one of our controlled nationwide offices or, if our environmental criteria are met, in your own home. It provides a peaceful way to avoid heated arguments and accusations.

Specialist lie detector tests have become popular as a modern method of monitoring cheating in relationships. Results provide reassurance or in the worst scenario confirmation of a partner’s suspicions. Either way, you’ll have the truth.

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