Most big corporations can survive the effects of shoplifting. This is factored into their losses, along with wastage and breakages. For smaller family run businesses, that are competing with larger supermarket chains it can be damaging. Persistent theft will eventually make these shops close their doors. A small family run business never imagined the way to save the shop would be to contact our Lie Detector Test Galway Service just before Easter.

Dianne’s and Billy’s case

Dianne’s family lived in a small town near Galway and owned the local corner shop. They didn’t sell everything but they had everyday essentials like milk, bread and general convenience foods. They did sell alcohol and cigarettes but these were kept behind the counter so Dianne could keep an eye on them. The town was small but everyone knew everyone else. It was a friendly place to live and most of the people there had grown up together.

Taking stock

Once a month Dianne and Billy would do their stocktaking. “Keep an eye on the pennies and the punts (now euros) will look after themselves” was their motto. They’d noticed little things missing for some time but always put it down as a mistake on their part.  Their profit margin wasn’t very high and all the little things began to build up. It was only when a bottle of vodka went missing just before Easter they started to wonder. Dianne was always meticulously careful when she checked the cigarettes and alcohol. It was their main earner so she needed to ensure everything was accounted for. They had CCTV but they hadn’t set it up. They never thought they needed it because everyone trusted everyone else. Dianne didn’t want to set it up now but Billy had insisted.

Caught on Camera

There was a local girl Taylor, who came into the shop twice a week buying stamps. She was the daughter of one of Dianne’s friends and knew the stamps were kept out the back of the shop. When they reviewed the security DVDs they saw Taylor going behind the counter and stealing cigarettes and vodka. Dianne contacted her friend who stated there was no way her daughter would ever do such a thing and she was, in fact, insulted. Dianne must be mistaken. The hooded figure may not be her daughter but Dianne knew it was. She offered to take Taylor for a polygraph examination. Dianne felt bad for her old school friend and offered to pay for the test and duly booked it with our Lie Detector Test Galway Service.

Taylor took the test and failed, miserably. Dianne’s business could have gone under if she hadn’t found the culprit. Taylor was barred from the shop indefinitely but thankfully, the relationship between Dianne and her school friend was salvaged. Suffice to say, Dianne now keeps the alcohol and cigarettes out the back to ensure her business is safe and the locals keep their corner shop.

Shoplifting tends to go one more before holidays such as Easter and Christmas. In the smaller towns and villages it often gets sorted out between the inhabitants. They all know each other and if kids are involved no one wants to call the Garda unless absolutely necessary.

Lie Detector Test Galway Service

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