You may be aware of a number of reasons why individuals or couples may choose to take private lie detector tests in Galway and elsewhere. However, you may not know that polygraph services are becoming more widely used for matters related to domestic abuse. Recent reports have shown that domestic abuse in Galway is increasing. It is therefore hardly surprising that orders for tests in the area have also escalated.

So, what influences someone to take a lie detector test after they experience domestic abuse? Firstly, it is important to understand that each individual will have their own reasons that are unique to them. But there are certain common considerations that many victims have gone through before making the decision.

Will they be believed?

Sometimes, domestic abuse victims are concerned that their friends and family may not believe that they have been abused. They may be worried that other people see the abuser in such a positive light, there is no way they could have done what they have in fact done.

With the results from a private lie detector test, they have proof that they are telling the truth about their abuser. That can go a very long way in convincing anyone who may have had doubts about the allegations. Invariably the victim will gain full support from friends and family of which they are in desperate need.

Opening up

Having made the choice to take a test, the pre-test interview relieves a victim of a heavy emotional burden. It is often the case that they have not had anyone to talk to about the abuse. Speaking to a polygraph examiner before the test may be the first time they have admitted to suffering at the hands of an abuser. Even if it is not, having a trusted, unbiased expert to tell helps them open up more.

Victims often feel very isolated; largely due to their abusers brainwashing tactics making them feel useless and not free or able to live their lives as they want to.

Results of private lie detector tests in Galway may end abuse

There is a chance that when an abuser becomes aware that their victim has taken a polygraph test, this may be enough to cause them to end their campaign of abuse. They may back down knowing that the results prove what they have done. Those results have also provided a network of friends and family supporting the victim.

As always, when subjects take private lie detector tests in Galway or elsewhere in Ireland, the whole experience is completely confidential. Our expert polygraph examiners will ask questions in a sensitive manner to help bring the answers needed to the table.

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