New domestic violence legislation that was passed last year in Ireland saw welcome and long overdue changes come into effect.  However, they can only benefit victims if they have the confidence to come forward and complain. Our work in conducting lie detector tests for domestic abuse victims has shown us just how fragile they are.

The changes in the law, described as “groundbreaking” by politicians from all sides of the political spectrum include:

  • Making coercive control a criminal offence
  • Allowing courts to review a wide variety of factors when considering domestic violence orders
  • Permitting victims to give their evidence via a live television link thereby avoiding exposure to intimidation
  • Giving victims the option of having someone with them in court to support them during the case
  • Taking into account the opinions of children when a domestic abuse order is sought when it relates to a child
  • More information about changes to the law can be seen by clicking on domestic violence legislation.
  • There is a whole raft of changes related to grounds on which domestic violence orders can be obtained whether people are in committed relationships or not.

Worries about not being believed

Many victims of domestic violence, whether physical or psychological, don’t complain because they fear they won’t be believed.  There have been many cases in Ireland when women have approached the Gardaí and been advised to seek counselling or been told that nothing can be done.

Perpetrators of domestic abuse are often manipulative and controlling. Unless you have experienced such abuse it is difficult to understand why anyone would stay under such circumstances.  Quite apart from the fear of not being believed if you take the step to do something about it, there are many other considerations.

Difficulties in walking away

If you leave you need somewhere to go and the financial means to support yourself.  Children are often used to blackmail partners who want to leave.  “You’ll never see the kids again” or “I’ll prove you’re not a fit parent so you won’t get custody” are just two of the usual threats.

Unless a victim leaves very quickly after the first violent attack, they are often subject to psychological abuse. This is a form of brainwashing. Being told that you are useless, you’ll never be good enough to get a job, you’re unintelligent and you’ll never survive without the abusive partner erodes your confidence.

Quite often the denigration of you as a person goes on every day and sometimes several times a day. Ultimately you may believe it and when you do it makes it so much harder for you to escape.

Lie detector tests for domestic abuse victims

Whether it is a lie detector test for you or for your partner, it proves whether or not domestic abuse has taken place.  The likelihood of your partner taking the test depends on how much they value the relationship.

Either way lie detector tests for domestic abuse victims are wholly confidential.  Our specialist polygraph examiners are highly trained and on your side.  Taking a polygraph test is the first step to ending the abusive cycle you may find yourself in.

Call our Free Helpline to discuss your situation.  You are assured of a sympathetic ear and information about how the test can help you.  We know the first step is difficult but many have taken it before you and improved their lives immeasurably.

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