Polygraph testing is used to determine if a person is truthful or not, based on the circumstances surrounding their particular case. Lie detection tests are costly because they are carried out by professional examiners trained in discerning the truth from polygraph test results.

Gleaning out the truth from several complicated circumstances can be a tough job to handle all by yourself. That’s why you’d likely need the services of a reputable lie detection company to help you get one step closer to the truth you’ve been yearning to learn.

There are several circumstances where lie detector tests can be used to determine the truth and solve a case. This article presents various types of cases where polygraph testing/lie detection can be especially useful.

Polygraph Testing for Qualified Employees

If you’re a business owner seeking to hire the most qualified individuals for your job vacancies, polygraph testing could be an essential step in your hiring process. Some companies require potential employment candidates to undergo screening with polygraph testing. This is to help identify the integrity of the potential employee and ensure that the company is hiring an individual of good integrity. Most government employees in the United States undergo lie detector tests before being accepted into their posts.

Testing for pre-employment purposes often comes with a series of questions aimed at knowing a person’s educational status, previous work history, and any activities related to gambling, criminality, and drug use. Polygraph results may be used to filter out potential employees that do not meet the integrity standards of the hiring company.

Partner-Related Domestic Problems

Infidelity is a common problem among partners, whether they are civilly united or married. Lie detection tests seek to help men and women find the truth about each other, especially if they have several trust issues.

Most people who have themselves or their partners undergo polygraph testing are experiencing difficulties in their union because of trust issues. You can prove your innocence or discover a partner’s deceptive ways by using a polygraph test. Confidentiality is highly regarded, especially in resolving domestic issues.

The end results from the lie detector test will help you decide what to do to either improve your union or move forward from it.

Private Investigations

Most lie detection companies work hand-in-hand with private investigators to resolve various crimes or issues. Investigators often have their case subjects take a polygraph test to determine if they’re truly a part of the case development or not. The subject’s participation in the case and his guilt can also be determined via testing.

Fraud and Theft Cases

Lie detectors are widely used to resolve fraud and theft cases. Subjects are often put under through tests to help determine if they truly committed the theft or fraud, the amount of resources stolen, and the manner by which the theft or fraud was committed. The test results can be used to either develop stronger evidence against the persons involved in the cases, or free the subject from the case.

Testing for Sexual Offences

Sexual assault and other similar offences are highly disturbing cases that call for meticulous probes to find out the truth. Since cases of this nature are very sensitive, professional polygraph examiners are trained to observe confidentiality at all times.

Lie detector technology can be used on the alleged sexual predator to determine if they really are guilty of the offence and the manner by which they carried out the crime. When combined with other investigation methods and medical records, polygraph testing can be of great help to resolve sexual offences and crimes. Test results can be valuable sources or foundations upon which evidence for the case can be built and retrieved.

Source Verification for Media Personnel

Media sources claiming to offer knowledge of controversial issues may undergo truth verification via lie detector technology. This is to help media personnel discern if their sources are truthful before they publish the stories told by these sources.

To wrap it all up, polygraph testing can be used in a number of cases that need the truth to be out. From finding valuable information about criminal cases to verifying the integrity of potential company employees, polygraph testing is a helpful tool that promises to bring truth to all.

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