Stan knew he drank too much. He came home from work and sat on the sofa every night with a beer or two. His doctor recommended taking two days off the booze every week. Stan was ashamed to admit he never took a day off. He’d had a hard day at work and the beer was deserved as far as he was concerned. Little did he know that an addiction lie detector test in Belfast would change his mind.

Stan’s case

Stan played cards on a Saturday and the game normally started around six in the evening. They usually met at Jerry’s house because he was single. Stan didn’t work at weekends so didn’t touch a drop until he got there. His best mate Jerry was always drunk when he arrived but he put that down to the excitement of the game. This was until he stated he’d lost his 6th job in as many months. Jerry moved from job to job all the time. He’d been a taxi driver, delivery driver and even drove a tractor when things had been tough for him. It was too many jobs to lose without having a reason for it, other than just being laid off.

The game started as usual, 5 lads doing what they did best. Playing cards and drinking beer, while the wives were busy at home. Unusually they got through all their beer early and needed to get more. The shop was only round the corner and Jerry as usual offered to go. The lads agreed and then off he went at about 10pm.

It must have been 2 am when he got home. Stan had waited for him but the others had left. When confronted about where he’d been, Jerry just explained he’d bumped into friends on the way there and decided to go for a drink. Stan knew Jerry would never leave a game, no matter how drunk he was and nothing added up.

Addiction lie detector test in Belfast

Later in the week Jerry asked Stan for a lift to pick his car up, not from a garage but a remote spot. Stan knew something was up.  He suspected his friend was in some sort of trouble.  Because Jerry was unemployed he’d asked Stan to lend him some money.  But Jerry was lying about something and Stan wanted to know why before he helped him out.

Stan had seen lie detector tests on the TV and called our free helpline to ask if we could help. From everything he told us we suggested he might want to consider an addiction lie detector test in Belfast.

Jerry was reluctant at first but decided that if he could fool everyone that he wasn’t an alcoholic, then he could fool the test.

The test revealed some disturbing results.  On the night Jerry had gone out to buy extra beer he hadn’t walked to the shop. He had driven his car. He’d lost his licence the week before and had been so scared by the police car he passed on the way to the shop. He’d dumped the car at the first safe place he could find. He didn’t fool the test as so many think they can.  His problem was brought to the surface and revealed to his best mate, Stan.

Help and recovery

Stan got Jerry the help he needed, offering lifts to AA meetings and work. Jerry managed to fix his life but so many think they’re fine and they’re not. Recognising the problem is half the battle and the results of a polygraph examination are often the wakeup call that’s needed. Stan also cut back on his drinking appreciating how easy it can be to become addicted to alcohol.

If you’d like to discuss or order an addiction lie detector test in Belfast or elsewhere please call our free helpline on 0800 368 8277. Any conversation you have with our polygraph examiners will be wholly confidential.

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