An enquiry came in this week related to alcoholism in Dublin that is a problem many wives have had through the ages. Our polygraph examiner advised how a lie detector test could help.

Q: Do you think a lie detector test could help stop my husband telling me lies?

My husband Jeff has always been a drinker, I never realised how much until we moved to a small town in Dublin. I think he may be an alcoholic. Having worked and been the main breadwinner for many years, when we bought our house here he said he didn’t want me to work any more. He didn’t find it easy to secure work and when he did, it was self-employed cash in hand. Some days he works a full day and others a half day. As a result I have to work in order to feed my cats, dogs and myself.

Lately the issue is he claims he’s not being paid because his boss doesn’t have the money on him yet they’re always going for a drink after work. Jeff lies about how much money he’s being paid and says, as he’s been working all day, he deserves a beer. I don’t disagree with this but a full day is €60 and he’s coming home with €20.

He told me what he was owed last week but this changed when he told me the same story but with different amounts today. It’s unclear to me why he hasn’t gone mad with this boss and demanded payment but for the last 3 days, it’s always tomorrow. I now don’t think Jeff is owed anything. Whenever I confront him about it he gets angry and starts on me. I really can’t win and I think this reaction is guilt.

The reason I’m getting in touch with you is I’m not sure he isn’t being paid but spending all his time in the pub and drinking his wages away before he comes home. My wages can support the two of us but it doesn’t seem fair that I should be at home working while he goes out. I enjoy my own company but this is getting silly. I didn’t move here to be what I’ve become. Jeff being out all day and me paying for everything, struggling day to day to make ends meet with him spending time with his mates or in the pub is where he’d rather be. He even has a go at me for wanting to be in the house watching TV or working. I can’t afford to go out so what’s the point in going out at all. It’s never just a walk; it always involves something that needs money.

I knew what I was getting myself into and it’s not like I’m destitute.  My mother lives nearby and she’s there if I need her. I just don’t like admitting what’s going on but let’s be clear, she’s my mum she already knows. I’ve been brought up to be a strong woman and I can deal with it but there are so many things I don’t believe, it’s just getting too much. If I could call Jeff out on his lies I think it might help me to break the cycle, either by him realising what he’s doing and fixing it or me leaving. I need some help do you think a lie detector test would help?

T.S., Dublin

Response from Dublin Polygraph Examiner

I’m so sorry to hear about your problems and the short answer to your question is “yes” a lie detector test can help.

From what you describe it could be that your husband has an alcohol problem. The area you have moved to may not help since alcoholism in Dublin is a big problem. For more information on this please click on Alcohol Action Ireland

In terms of your specific problem, whilst alcohol might be causing the problem there could be a number of reasons your husband is lying to you.  Perhaps he feels inadequate because he is not supporting you as he promised. This may be the reason he is drinking so much too.

A lie detector test will give him an opportunity to own up to his problems.  You say that you don’t like admitting what’s going on in your life to your mother.  He may feel the same about being honest with you.  As a Dublin polygraph examiner, I am not involved and completely impartial.  This is why we have so many successes in getting people to admit to drug abuse or alcoholism in Dublin. Having acknowledged they do have an addiction, the lie detector test results pave the way to seeking help.

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Drug abuse and alcoholism in Dublin

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