In cases involving allegations of historical sexual abuse in Belfast and nationwide, sometimes the truth is not what you might expect. Our client was shocked by the results of a lie detector test she arranged for her sister.

Isabel’s case

Isabel was shocked when she saw her old teacher in the paper. He had been convicted, following allegations of sexual abuse in Belfast. He had apparently abused some of the children in her class. At 30, Isabel was relieved this hadn’t happened to her. However, she recognised one of his victims who had waived anonymity so that others might come forward.  She called Gabriel immediately and who confirmed it was true. Not only that, because their teacher had been convicted she’d got a little under £7,000 in compensation from the government. Isabel was happy for her. The things detailed in the paper were horrible and she deserved every penny.

Another victim

Isabel had never had anything like that happen to her and she felt lucky to have been brought up in a home with no issues. She had a younger sister, Karina, and when she contacted the police to say she’d been a victim too Isabel couldn’t believe it. She’d spoken to Karina about Gabriel’s case including the compensation. Isabel had a gut feeling that something was amiss.

The police arrived and Karina gave her statement. Isabel listened at the door and couldn’t believe some of the things she was hearing. Dates and times didn’t add up. On some of the dates mentioned she knew the family had been on holiday, so it couldn’t have happened then. Karina had sucked everyone in. Her mother was horrified and her step father, Justin, seemed more upset than anyone. The whole family rallied around. Isabel was far from convinced and contacted us for a lie detector test in Belfast. She suspected her sister was trying to get money for nothing. Pretending she had been assaulted was an insult to the poor people who had.

Family fall out

Isabel’s mother was devastated that she’d organised a lie detector test. She didn’t understand how Isabel could disbelieve the things her sister had told the police. They were so horrific that her mother had left the room three times during the interview. She told Karina to take the test and she would disown Isabel once the result proved what she was saying was true. She couldn’t understand Karina’s reluctance but Isabel did. In all honesty, Isabel didn’t think Karina would take it but she kept the appointment and took the test.

Allegations of historical sexual abuse in Belfast were true

The results of the lie detector test arrived a few hours after the test had been completed. Karina had been assaulted as a child but it wasn’t by the teacher in question. Her allegations of historical sexual abuse in Belfast were true. The abuse she had detailed to the police was real. She also knew who had abused her.

Faced with the results, Karina broke down. She admitted she’d wanted to get some money to get away from the person who had actually assaulted her. Karina explained to her family liaison officer that she was ashamed and worried her family wouldn’t believe that her stepfather had done it all those years ago.

Justin was still very much part of the family and the police arrested him. DNA analysis linked him to the assaults of 3 other teenagers in the last 40 years. Isabel felt horrible for thinking her sister was just out for a quick buck. She was appalled by what had happened to her sister and that she never knew. They’ve rebuilt their lives and their relationships. Karina is grateful her sister managed to get to the truth, however forceful the approach. The polygraph had given her a way to tell the truth and be believed.

Private and confidential polygraph examiners

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