Question:  Can your Armagh Polygraph Examiner find out if my daughter is stealing from me?

I’m worried about my 17 year old Theresa. She’s been hanging around with some local lads recently who have a bad reputation. She seems to be angry all of the time and I’ve noticed that things have started going missing from the house. She’s been coming home at all hours of the night and is normally drunk.

She was always such a bright and cheerful girl but I’m concerned she’s taking money from my purse and jewellery. The reason I think this is my mother died a few years ago and left me quite a valuable ring. I was in town the other day and saw one just like it In Cash Converters. The ring is old and I’ve never seen another one like it before. I went home and checked to see if it was in my jewellery box.  It wasn’t there so I asked Theresa if she’d seen it. She just got really angry and shouted at me for accusing her of such a thing.

There is no way I can see she could afford the all night drinking sessions and I don’t give her much of an allowance. She’s had nothing for a few weeks anyway, as she’s been refusing to do her jobs around the house. Do you think a lie detector test could help me find out if she’d been stealing from me? I have the ring back. I was lucky to have found it before someone else bought it. I’m over £1000 worse off now because I had no way of proving the ring was mine but I am happy to pay more to find out what my daughter is up to. Can you help?

B. D., Armagh

Response from Armagh Polygraph Examiner

Suspicion of theft within the family is an emotionally draining experience.  Unlike other theft where you would immediately call the police, there is reluctance to do this when it is someone close to you.

As an Armagh polygraph examiner, I’m highly experienced in dealing with teenagers.  I can tell you that it is best to nip this in the bud before it gets worse.

A lie detector test will provide you with the answers you need and perhaps also the reasons why your daughter feels it is OK to steal from you.

Underlying problems

Your daughter may be resistant to taking the test in which case, please call our Free Helpline on  85 176 3360 for advice as to how you can persuade her that it is in her best interests. Please let our customer service representative know that the Armagh polygraph examiner has suggested you call. Please bear in mind that since Theresa is a minor your signature will be required for us to go ahead with the polygraph examination.

Alternatively Theresa may volunteer to take the test.  Many teenagers with problems often find it easier to speak to an impartial person about their anxieties.  As a qualified forensic psychologist it is part of my job to be completely unbiased. If your daughter has problems you don’t know about she might not open up to you for a variety of reason.  These can include guilt, remorse, anger at something in her life and the feeling that you would be judgemental if she told you the truth. She may also be lacking in confidence, feeling she’s not getting enough attention or that she has failed in some way. We can define these issues with a lie detector test.

If you don’t need to discuss the matter further with me, you can go ahead and book a test using our online booking system.

I look forward to meeting Theresa in the near future.

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