False allegations of cheating can and have ruined many relationships.  Our client ordered an Athlone lie detector test for infidelity to dispel any doubts her partner had.

Tanya’s Case

Tanya was getting annoyed with the constant accusations of infidelity from her partner Layla. They’d been together for over 6 years.  She worshipped the ground Layla walked on and always had. Tanya had never been unfaithful in her life, unlike Layla who’d been with someone when they met. Tanya only found out when she’d caught them out having lunch together. She should have dumped her but didn’t. Instead, Tanya told her to make a choice and as happy as she was when Layla chose her, she couldn’t help feeling sorry for Layla’s ex. Her mother, Sarah, had accepted Layla into the family but she didn’t know the back history. Tanya knew her mother wouldn’t approve since her father had left them for another woman and she despised cheating.

Athlone lie detector test for infidelity

Tanya had spent a few weeks at home in between jobs. She was bored but had been watching a lot of day time TV.  A chat show was on one morning and a psychologist was talking about “gaslighting”. She learned that one of the reasons a partner constantly accuses you of things you haven’t done is because they are actually doing it. It was suggested that a polygraph test could help.

Tanya didn’t think Layla was cheating but she looked for polygraph services online anyway. She contacted us about an Athlone lie detector test for infidelity. She didn’t want Layla to take one but she wanted to confirm she hadn’t done the things Layla was accusing her of. The false allegations were nearly splitting them apart and that was the last thing Tanya wanted. She spoke to Layla about the chat show that evening and to her surprise, Layla offered to take a test too. Tanya contacted us again to make a joint booking. We offered her a discount for the two tests if they were taken on the same day.  However, we explained that they would take them separately and not together. Polygraph tests produce highly accurate results when people do not feel pressured.  With a partner looking on they may feel more anxious than is normal.

Test results

Both Tanya and Layla sat their polygraph examinations. They received their fully analysed, peer reviewed reports 24 hours later and sat down together to discuss the results. Layla opened her report first which showed she hadn’t been unfaithful. Tanya’s report confirmed she hadn’t cheated either. They were both delighted and Layla apologised for accusing Tanya of infidelity and making her life a misery.

They are now in relationship counselling. The happy couple has reported to us that the sessions have helped with both of their insecurities. Layla was convinced Tanya was cheating but this was because Layla had cheated throughout most of the relationships she’d previously had. She couldn’t understand why someone as lovely as Tanya would just be interested in her alone. The sessions identified a lack of confidence Layla had in herself, which is now being worked on.

Once a cheat, not always a cheat

Not every Athlone lie detector test for infidelity proves someone is cheating, but it can help to repair damaged relationships and highlight potential solutions.  If you think your partner is cheating on you or is being dishonest in some other way, call us for free advice on our helpline – 85 176 3360. Whatever the truth is you can rely on us to discover it.

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