Being accused of having sexual relations with someone who is underage is an adult’s worst nightmare, especially if it isn’t true. Many young girls don’t accept rejection well and often retaliate by telling lies about the person they have an interest in. Our client, Glen, was in despair when he contacted our Athlone lie detector test service to clear his name and reputation.

Glen’s case

Charlotte was a pretty girl. At 14 she was already getting a lot of attention from the local boys but she was only interested in one person, Glen. 23 year old Glen lived next door to Charlotte. They were friends but it was becoming apparent that she was interested in Glen a little more than he was comfortable with. Their parents got on well and were always inviting each other round for dinner and drinks. Glen would stay in his room and Charlotte would often go up and play Xbox games or just for a chat. The issues started on one of these occasions when Charlotte came in and tried to kiss Glen. He told his mother immediately and asked if they were having the neighbours round could he have a little warning so he could go out. Rather than cause any trouble or embarrassment for Charlotte, he thought it was better to avoid her and ensure they were never alone together.


Glen had bought himself a motorbike and he’d often be polishing it at the front of the house. Charlotte would always come out and chat to him. Glen was ok with this as he was confident she wasn’t going to try anything outside of her own front door.  The way she dressed seemed to be getting more provocative. Her own mother had told her she was too young to be wearing miniskirts and skimpy tops. The more she dressed up the more uncomfortable Glen started to feel.

Glen and his mother were so happy when he met Tessa. she was 21 and at university studying medicine. They hit it off immediately and Glen would often have Tessa round to stay the night. Charlotte seemed distant when she found out about their relationship, if not agitated by it. The parents threw a dinner party after a few months to introduce Tessa to friends and family and Charlotte was invited. This did make Glen a little nervous but he was sure once she met Tessa, Charlotte would back off. Charlotte’s parents cancelled at the last minute and didn’t really give a decent enough excuse, until the police turned up a few hours later.

False accusations

Charlotte had said that Glen had forced himself on her. She’d only managed to get away as his mother had come up the stairs. Glen protested his innocence but his mother didn’t believe him. She’s mentioned how much time they used to spend together while they were throwing dinner parties. Glen didn’t know what to do. Tessa seemed to have distanced herself from him after the allegations. He was also getting abuse shouted at him in the street. He’d even had a warning at work for misconduct, though he couldn’t understand why. The firm he worked for had always praised him for being so conscientious. It became evident that all of this was due to what Charlotte had said. They thought he was a paedophile and even though the police had said there was insufficient evidence to charge him, he had to clear his name. Glen contacted us our Athlone lie detector service because he needed to prove to everyone that he hadn’t done the things Charlotte had accused him of.

Athlone lie detector service

Our Athlone polygraph offices are situated in a discreet location and like all our offices has no loud signage. No one would know that Glen was visiting to sit a polygraph examination. Glen found our examiner warm, friendly and non-judgemental. He told us that he felt welcome and relaxed in the calm environment of our controlled, secure test area.  In the pre-test interview Glen related to our examiner what had happened to him from start to finish.  Together they went through the questions he would be asked that ideally would lead to proving his innocence.

The results were received a few short hours after the test and Glen had the evidence he needed. He showed the results to his mother and Charlotte’s parents. They proved beyond doubt that he hadn’t tried to force himself on Charlotte. Unfortunately, the damage had been done and the parents couldn’t resolve their differences with each other.

Shortly afterwards Glen moved in with Tessa and they are expecting their first baby. Charlotte’s jealousy of their relationship had nearly cost Glen his job and reputation. Luckily due to his decision to contact our Athlone lie detector service both are now back intact.

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