Around 15% of Irish new mothers suffer from postnatal depression each year. Some 50% of cases go undiagnosed. When left untreated, this can cause distance and sometimes alienation of the baby involved. It’s an issue which doesn’t necessarily mean medication and can sometimes be treated effectively with a course of counselling. Bryan contacted our Athlone Polygraph Service regarding his wife Fiona, shortly after she had given birth to their new daughter Kassidy.

Baby Blues

Fiona had a difficult pregnancy and appeared to have nausea for 7 out of the 9 months she was pregnant. The birth had been difficult with a few complications and Fiona had to stay in the hospital for 3 weeks afterwards. At home, Kassidy would always be crying and Fiona seemed to shout at her most of the time to be quiet. Bryan was worried and so suggested they visit the doctor. Fiona said he was worrying for nothing and overreacting.

Nothing more than the “baby blues” their doctor said. There was nothing she could take as she was still breastfeeding at this point so he suggested some breathing exercises and sent her on her way.

Breaking Point

Fiona tried what the doctor had suggested and told Bryan she was feeling better. She loved her daughter and the breathing exercises had done the trick. The problem with this was that Bryan would often hear her crying when he returned from work. She still shouted at Kassidy but only when she didn’t think Bryan could hear. He contacted our Athlone Polygraph Service to ask if we could help. He knew his wife wasn’t fine and had to prove it.

After speaking to Fiona they made their way to our office. Finding a calm, friendly and welcoming atmosphere at our Athlone Polygraph Service Fiona took a lie detector test.

Bryan discovered his wife was far from fine, this was no “baby blues” and appeared to be something far more serious. The results of the lie detector test had revealed that Fiona didn’t think she was a good enough mother for Kassidy and didn’t think she could raise her successfully. She had agreed to take the polygraph test because she just didn’t know how to tell Bryan how she felt.

Doctor’s Misdiagnosis

Returning to the doctor was stressful for Fiona and she was diagnosed with postnatal depression. The previous appointment hadn’t indicated this as Fiona hadn’t been honest about her state of mind or her feelings in the first place. The doctor explained how important it is to be open and honest so soon after becoming a mother.

Fiona is now receiving treatment and the new little family is finally blossoming. Bryan’s quick thinking in contacting our Athlone Polygraph Service saved his family and his marriage.

Athlone Polygraph Service

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