A young 18 year old thought he could fool our Belfast lie detector examiner. He soon found out he couldn’t.

Annabel’s case

Whenever Dean was around trouble followed him. He’d been 9 when it started. One day his mother, Annabel had a call from the school telling her the library had caught fire. She needed to leave work and pick Dean up. What a terrible thing to have happened in the small town where they lived. Everyone knew everyone else and there was never really much trouble.

Twisted arsonist

From then on it seemed whenever there was a fire, Dean was in the middle of it somewhere. The local church had a fire, then the hospital. There were even random fires lit in the middle of the parks. These were so close to the rural areas that if it had spread, the results would have been disastrous. Annabel knew all this wasn’t coincidence and contacted our Belfast Lie Detector examiner.

She was nervous at first about how Dean would react but he was 18 now and already served a few years in young offenders. Dean had emphatically denied starting the fire at the hospital. He claimed the police always picked on him and this was why he’d been blamed. Annabel knew if she didn’t do something soon then Dean would be in prison. The Belfast lie detector test was her only choice and she knew it.

‘Beating’ the lie detector test

Dean was shocked to find his mother had paid for and arranged a polygraph examination but smiled and laughed at her for it. He’d watched all those reality shows and he ‘knew’ there were ways to beat the test. He searched methods on the internet and decided the drawing pin in his shoe would do it. The page on ‘how to beat a lie detector test’ stated that if a tack was put in the shoe and you pressed down on it when you were asked any question, including those you weren’t lying about, you’d beat the polygraph.

On the day of the test the polygraph examiner chatted with Dean in the pre-test interview.  They discussed why he was there and his mother’s concerns. As a result of Dean’s cocky behaviour the examiner asked him to remove his shoes.

During the test Dean was asked whether he had started 3 specific fires.  The results showed that he had and furthermore he had started them intentionally. When asked why, which wasn’t part of the test he admitted he didn’t know. He felt an unbearable urge to start and see fire burn. This indicated Pyromania.

Not Just a trouble maker

Pyromania is a rare mental disorder that affects predominantly males. It can start as young as 3 years old. Pyromaniacs are compelled by a notion or desire to carry out acts of arson. They feel joy, pleasure and sometimes enter a state of euphoria. There are many theories as to how people end up with this tendency but the best option to treatment is psychotherapy. The Belfast lie detector test helped Annabel to identify something within her only son that could have been fatal. He now has regular sessions with his therapist and is doing well. This disorder is difficult to identify but luckily Annabel’s quick thinking in contacting us helped her to give her family a better and safer future.

Belfast lie detector test

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