For a moment Hayley thought she had pushed Tommy too far, but thankfully it turned out that the opposite was true. The Belfast lie detector test for partner sex offenders was the final piece of the puzzle that connected them all together, for good.

Falling in love

Hayley hadn’t been looking for a relationship. It had all come as a complete surprise when she met Tommy. She had fallen in love pretty quickly but experience had made her hold back. The suggestion of the Belfast lie detector test had nearly ruined it all, but now she was so glad that she had stuck to her guns.

Tommy had been incredible, so different from her previous partners. When she told him she had a little daughter, who was only sixteen months old, he hadn’t even flinched.

Her mind kept telling herself it was too good to be true. A lovely, gorgeous-looking guy like Tommy was interested in her but why, when she had a baby? She loved being a mum too, so it wasn’t like she was one of those women that pretend they don’t have children.

Thoughts of paedophilia

She had tried to reign in her mind as it wandered. Paedophilia kept circling in her thoughts. What if he was one of those guys that sought out mums on purpose? How would she know?

When Hayley happened upon some information about a partner sex offender polygraph test one night, it seemed to be the answer to her problems. However, then she thought about Tommy.

How was she going to pose this to him? How would she ask him to take a test to prove he wasn’t a sex offender without offending him?

So she filed the polygraph test in the back of her mind and carried on.

One year later, Tommy asked her to move in with him. It was at that point that she knew, she would have to get him to take the Belfast lie detector test. She couldn’t put her daughter’s wellbeing at risk.

Tommy’s reaction was far worse than she could have imagined. He put the phone down and she didn’t hear from him for a week.

When Tommy did finally ring, he said that he was hurt but he respected her concerns as a mother. Hayley was really moved when Tommy said that he would put her daughter’s needs before his own and take the test.

Belfast lie detector test and results

When Hayley rang to book the test, she was amazed to find that it could be scheduled for a few days time. Tommy went for the polygraph examination alone. Hayley didn’t feel it was right to go with him and it was a relief that the results would be sent direct to her.

When the results arrived a day later, Hayley was really impressed with the range of data that she received. The results were really good and Hayley’s mind was immediately put at rest.

Confident that her new love was genuine, Hayley threw caution to the wind and both she and her daughter moved in with Tommy a month later.

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