A Belfast polygraph examination, following scandalous remarks made by a neighbour, proved to a whole town that the neighbour was lying and restored our client’s reputation.

Susan and Dan’s case

Susan and Dan loved their new house.  It needed work but they’d got it at a bargain price and it was sound. They could move in and work on it at the same time. They got settled and decided to complete a room at a time. The roof was leaking slightly and that needed to be a priority but other than that they thought they could take their time. Little by little the house was beginning to come together.

One day Dan was in the garden replacing a wall to what would eventually be their new patio area and their neighbour Theresa popped her head over. She had an issue with her roof and her insurance company had said they wouldn’t fix it until the side of the wall that belonged to Dan and Susan was repaired. Dan went up onto the roof to see what the problem was. He couldn’t find one, only a slight crack which he filled in and hoped it would resolve the problem for Theresa. She was on her own with no husband that he saw. It must be difficult, he thought, for her to find someone to fix problems with her house. Dan wanted to help his new neighbour as much as he could.

Nightmare neighbour from hell

He knocked on the door and asked Theresa if he could see the issue she was complaining about. Having inspected it, he found that the problem was actually her roof and nothing to do with his wall. Theresa became angry and was adamant it was a problem on Dan’s side so he said he would contact his insurers.

When Dan’s insurance assessor carried out a survey his report clearly stated that the problem was Theresa’s.

Over the months that followed Theresa slandered them all over the town. Susan had become depressed by the constant niggling and backstabbing she heard every time she went out of her own front door. The town wasn’t that big so everyone knew practically everyone else. As newcomers she felt embarrassed.

Belfast polygraph examination

Dan contacted us for a Belfast polygraph examination on the recommendation of a friend. He could tell that Theresa was trying to get them to fix a problem she knew all along was hers. She’d had the problem for 2 years prior to them moving in according to their other (more reasonable) neighbour.

Dan took the lie detector test and we asked him questions related to slanderous allegations that had been made about him. In all cases he was telling the truth which meant that Theresa was lying.

The first thing he did when he got the results was to pin them with a copy of the insurance assessor’s report to notice boards. One in the local supermarket, another in the local pub and one in the community centre which he knew Theresa frequented. He then delivered a copy to Theresa.

The following day, Theresa called round to the house.  She was in tears and said that she couldn’t afford to have the leak repaired in the roof.  She knew she was wrong in trying to get Dan to pay for it. If she had told Dan and Susan this from the beginning, Dan would have fixed it for her. But what he couldn’t forgive was her bad mouthing them to everyone she met.

They now have nothing to do with each other and Theresa’s house is up for sale.  Dan and Susan hope they will get new neighbours who are honest.

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