Sexually transmitted diseases are on the rise in Belfast according to a bulletin from the Public Health Agency (PHA) with more people visiting Sexual Health Clinics across the city than in previous years. Some are easier to detect than others and if untreated can cause infertility and long term health problems. Our Belfast Polygraph Service unearthed potentially disastrous consequences when Eva contacted us recently.

Eva’s case

Eva and Aeden had been together for over 5 years and had been trying to conceive for 2 of them. Eva had bought all the fertility tests and they always took note of when the best time was to try. Aeden had attended a clinic a year ago and his sperm count was fine. Eva stopped the contraceptive injection and although she knew it could take up to a year, it had been longer than that and there was no happy ending in sight.

Infidelity suspected

The relationship had seemed to come to a standstill. The pressure seemed too much for Aedan and he was out most of the time. Coming home drunk wasn’t the aphrodisiac Eva liked, so they’d all but stopped trying. One day she heard a rumour that Aeden had been seen in a local bar with one woman known for her promiscuity. Although she could never think he’d cheat on her, she couldn’t get it out of her mind. She confronted him the next day, after he’d sobered up from a previous night’s shenanigans, and he seemed insulted. Eva wasn’t convinced and asked him to take visit our Belfast Polygraph Service for a lie detector test. Aeden sneered at the prospect but Eva couldn’t shake the feeling he wasn’t being up front.

The Rumour Mill

The more she chatted to her friends the more she knew Aeden had been unfaithful, potentially from up to a year previously. He’d refused the lie detector test on the basis that she should trust him. No matter what happened, Eva wanted to be sure she was healthy, so went for a check-up at the Sexual Health Clinic. She waited nervously for the results and found she had Chlamydia. She’d apparently had it for some time and this was causing the issues with conceiving.

Chlamydia may go undetected showing no symptoms. Untreated it can cause infertility but she’d caught it just in time and thankfully could receive treatment. Her mind went back to our Belfast Polygraph Service and she called us to booked a test the same day.

A Liar and a Cheat

Eva told Aeden either he took the test or it was over. Within 24 hours she had the horrifying results and immediately ended the relationship.  Eva might have forgiven him for cheating but he’d given her a sexually transmitted disease and nearly caused her to be infertile.

Now Eva is happy she never became pregnant as Chlamydia can cause miscarriage and other serious birth complications. She also revealed Aeden for the cheat that he is and thankfully she isn’t a single mother.

Belfast Polygraph Service

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