When Sean’s partner of 8 years left him he never imagined that he would have to book a lie detector test in Belfast to stop criminal damage to his property.

Sean’s Case

Sean was confident that Maeve had broken his kitchen window and scratched his car. Their relationship had broken down a few months earlier and Maeve didn’t seem to be getting over it. They’d been together for 8 years and had a young son, but the drinking on both their parts had caused the split. It seemed odd that Maeve would behave that way as she’d been the one to leave. She’d rented a flat for 6 months and moved whilst he was at work. Sean had tried to get her to come home for a few weeks but after being ignored he gave up.

Moving on

It was difficult for Sean as he loved Maeve. He didn’t want to move on but when he met Anna, things just fell into place. Anna had two young children and within a few months they moved in together. This stirred up old feelings about when he lived with Maeve but he pushed them to the back of his mind and carried on with his new found love and saw his son very regularly. This is when the problems started.

Kids being Kids

Sean had returned one day and found his hallway flooded. He knew instinctively it was Maeve, as the hose had been too close to the letterbox and he never left it there. He thought about making her take a lie detector test in Belfast, near to where she lived, but her denial seemed genuine and it could have been kids after all.

A few weeks later, he returned home to find the garden trashed. Again his thoughts returned to the lie detector test in Belfast but Maeve denied this also. He believed her as he didn’t understand why she’d do this when she was the one that left the relationship in the first place. Then the calls started late at night and early in the morning. Maeve was drunk and asking him to come round. He couldn’t block her number because of their son. What should he do? This was criminal damage after all.

The final straw

Sean had taken Anna out for a meal. When they returned the kitchen window was smashed and there were also key like scratches on his car. That was it – Sean couldn’t take anymore and called the police. He also contacted Lie Detector Ireland (IE). He had to prove that she was damaging his property. Anna was frightened and so were the children, they couldn’t live like this.

The police contacted Maeve and started an investigation. Sean believed the quickest way to get to the truth was to ask Maeve to take a polygraph test and was astonished that she agreed to it. He booked the test online the following week.

The results arrived a few weeks later and it had been Maeve. Sean sought an injunction and his solicitor mentioned in court that Maeve had failed the lie detector test in Belfast. She is now not allowed to go to Sean’s house.   It is inconvenient for Sean to keep picking his son up from Maeve’s home but at least his property is safe from criminal damage.

Maeve later admitted that she had taken the test in the hope that Sean would feel sorry for her. She knew she would fail the criminal damage questions but thought perhaps he would see how desperate she was to get him back.  She didn’t appreciate how much she loved him until he found someone new.

Do you suspect someone of criminal damage to your property?

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