She had told him to prove it. The Cork lie detector test seemed like the best way to show Lucy that he was telling the truth. He knew what he wanted now; it was time for a fresh start.

Billy’s story

It was his own fault, he knew. He should have taken his relationship more seriously. He knew now that he hadn’t valued Lucy – not until now that she was gone. The relationship lie detector test in Cork was his only hope.

They had been together for nineteen years and they had something special. Billy had to admit that he had taken her for granted. She looked after him well but it was all one sided. He behaved like a single guy coming home drunk when he felt like it. Late for meals, he never remembered birthdays or any of the important milestones in their relationship. It was stupid that Billy had let her down so often but they had always made it through somehow.

The last straw

This time though he had gone too far. He’d promised to take her to a concert and he’d forgotten. Instead he went out after work for a lad’s night out. When he staggered through the door at 3:00am Lucy kicked him out, told him to take his stuff and leave. It was the way she said it that had shocked him to the core – cold, hard, empty.

He had been on his own for three months now and he’d never felt so alone in his life. Lucy had changed her phone number, the locks – everything. She said it was over.

Billy had done a lot of thinking. He knew what he wanted now. He wanted to be with Lucy, he wanted his relationship, but this time he would do it properly. He would ask her to marry him at last, be the committed partner that she always wanted.

He tried to catch her after work, straight after the gym, send messages via friends, but she wouldn’t let him anywhere near her.

Cork lie detector test

He knew Lucy though he was playing around. The polygraph test was his final option, if taking the test didn’t show her that he had changed, he would let her go.

When Billy took the Cork lie detector test, he was pleasantly surprised by the experience. It was really professional and he was surprised to learn that the examiner was an expert in his particular type of test – relationship polygraph tests.

The test itself was good for him, refreshing for him to tell the truth for the first time. It was a release.

Billy posted the results over to Lucy when he got them the next day. No letter or message with the report – just the results. It took her a week to call. Six months later they set the date for their wedding – a fresh start for them both.

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