When a husband and brother were accused of child sex abuse spanning years it led to our client booking two Cork lie detector tests.

Arlene’s Case

When Arlene’s daughter, Shona, told her that she had been sexually molested by her stepfather and her uncle (Arlene’s brother Joe), Arlene felt sick to her stomach.  Shona who is 11 said that it had been going on since she was 6.

Arlene immediately spoke to her husband Mick and called Joe over while Shona was at school. Both men vehemently denied any form of sexual molestation. Knowing them as she did, Arlene couldn’t believe they would do something so heinous.  But she also knew that sex abusers don’t wear badges telling people what they are. Allegations of this type also need to be reported to the police and social services.

Mick was so devastated he packed a bag and moved in with Joe, saying that he didn’t want to be anywhere near Shona. Arlene felt her world had fallen apart and went to see her sister, Megan.

After hours of discussion Megan suggested that before she did anything Arlene should book two Cork lie detector tests for each of the ‘suspects’. In the light of the seriousness of the allegations we managed to book the two men in that day.

Cork lie detector tests

Mick and Joe met with our Cork Polygraph Examiner who had formulated the questions necessary to get to the truth.  In the controlled environment of our office they took their tests individually one after the other.

The results confirmed no deception was found. 24 hours later Arlene received a fully analysed report of the results that had been peer reviewed by another fully qualified examiner.

Talking to Shona

Arlene kept Shona off school on the day she received the reports of the Cork lie detector tests.  She sat down and asked Shona to explain exactly what had happened because they would need to report the abuse to the police.

Shona appeared alarmed that the police would have to be involved and said she was sorry but she had made it up. She had never liked Mick because she saw him as the reason her father had left.  It was true that the marriage had split up due to Arlene’s affair with Mick.  Joe had always been great friends with Mick and Shona resented their relationship.  She wanted her mother to suffer by destroying her relationships just as Arlene had destroyed the relationship Shona had with her father.

The idea to accuse the men of sexual abuse had come to her when she’d been given lessons at school about sex. The teacher talked a lot about abuse and how it could be identified.  She’d also learned that often it’s someone close to you that commits it.  From then on it had been easy to plot her revenge.


In liaison with social services Shona is now having regular sessions with a child psychologist.

As professional polygraph examiners in Ireland we deal with many sexual abuse cases both current and historical.  Sexual abuse wrecks lives and the road to recovery is arduous.  However, false allegations of child abuse can equally destroy lives.  We are here to determine the truth of any situation.

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