Q: Can your County Galway Polygraph Examiner find out if my daughter is telling the truth?

We’ve recently moved into a new house in County Galway. Our neighbour is 87 and a lovely man. He seems very lonely and told us, when we moved in, that his wife had died a few months previously. My daughter offered to collect his morning paper and goes around there quite often for a chat and a coffee. As he’s so lonely, he enjoys the time he spends with Katie but I’m worried she has started taking advantage of his good nature.

George is desperate for company and I’ve invited him round for dinner a few times. I even asked him if he wanted to spend Christmas day with us. This isn’t just out of pity. His war stories are really interesting and he’s led a fascinating life.

Katie has had gifts from him – well she says they are gifts. Things like chocolate and small things aren’t my concern but recently he’s bought her jewellery and expensive clothes. This could be one of two things, both of which horrify me. George gives Katie his debit card when she goes to do a bit of shopping for him and I’m worried she’s stealing from him. He has no living family left and manages all his finances himself. He can be forgetful, so if she was taking money he wouldn’t know or could be easily convinced he’d spend it himself. The other thing is she shouldn’t be accepting these gifts or are they payment for something else much more sinister?

I don’t want to think my daughter is capable of these things but I don’t understand why he’d be buying expensive things with the limited amount of money he gets from his pension. It could all be innocent but Katie shouldn’t be accepting these extravagant presents. She knows he struggles with money and if she’s stealing that’s a completely different story. None of this relationship is making sense to me. We’ve only lived next door for a few months and I don’t want the neighbours thinking we’re exploiting such an old and sweet natured man.

S. J., County Galway

Response from our County Galway Polygraph Examiner

You say that you have told your daughter that she shouldn’t be taking expensive gifts from your elderly neighbour. But have you actually sat down and asked her directly if she is stealing from him? As difficult as this may be, you should do it. Her response may be the truth or a lie but at least you’ve had the conversation.

I can understand why you wouldn’t want to bring up the matter with your neighbour because it could open up a whole new set of problems.  However, if your daughter is proven to be stealing via our lie detector test you may also need to speak to him. If worse things are happening, depending on what they are and the age of your daughter, you may have to involve the police.

Sensitive handling of teenagers

Naturally we can conduct a lie detector test assuming your daughter is 15 or above and has good cognitive skills.  As a County Galway polygraph examiner with many years of experience dealing with teenagers (including my own), I can tell you that these matters have to be handled sensitively.

I suggest you call our Free Helpline on 85 176 3360 to discuss the situation further.  Tell our friendly customer service responder that the County Galway Polygraph Examiner has asked you to call in.

Between us I am sure we can find a solution.

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