Businesses in Ireland can make significant savings on employee compensation claims by knowing an employee’s propensity to dishonesty before hiring them. Integrity testing takes many forms and one of them is our Dublin Polygraph Service.

Perceived problems with integrity testing

Many employers know the value of integrity testing for the abuse of alcohol and drugs, as well as telling lies during the pre-employment screening process. However, there has historically been reluctance to use such tests due to a preoccupation with possible legal problems, reducing the available talent or causing conflict between human resources and risk management departments.

Health service providers, already struggling to find enough staff to fill positions, often consider that integrity testing will reduce the available worker pool. But let’s look at the potential loss to businesses not only financially but also in terms of reputation.

If employees steal from you it not only affects your bottom line but could significantly damage your reputation if data is involved. The same applies to drunkenness or drug abuse.  An employee under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol will not be working at full potential.  If they work front of house, it’s not the best impression to give your customers is it?

In addition an employee who is prepared to steal from your business is just as likely to make a fake injury compensation claim or lie about sickness.

How our Dublin Polygraph Service can help

Apart from the obvious benefits of risk management and loss prevention, making polygraph testing a condition of pre-employment screening may mean you get fewer candidates.  But the potential employees who come for interviews are likely to be honest.  They will be less likely to have lied about their qualifications and experience.

Including periodic lie detector tests in your employment contract allows you to conduct them since the employee signs the contract agreeing to them.

In our extensive experience what we find fascinating is that prospective employees tend to be honest about their drug taking habits. This particularly applies to millennials who appear to assume that “everyone is smoking cannabis” so in some way it must be acceptable. We haven’t found a business client yet who believes it is!

Learn more about integrity testing

Our Dublin Polygraph Service extends nationwide.  Tests can be conducted in the workplace provided our strict environmental conditions are met.  These include complete quiet and no distractions. Alternatively the tests can take place in one of our many controlled, secure offices.

If you would like your businesses to be protected from fake compensation claims and dishonest employees contact us.  We have a Free Helpline on 85 176 3360 which you can call for more information about our integrity testing and how you can implement it.

Our service is confidential and discreet. You can be assured that we will protect your business in the same way as we protect our own.

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