Sometimes parents are at a loss as to what to do when their teenagers display disturbing behaviour. No parent wants to report their child to the police based purely on suspicion.  Our client took the Dunmore lie detector test option to put his son back on the straight and narrow.

Eamon was worried about his son, Finn. He’d been in and out of trouble his whole life, stealing cars and picking fights. More recently his son seemed to have taken a bad turn. A new neighbour had moved in over the road, he was a doctor with two children and a wife, a lovely warm and friendly family. They’d moved from London after coming to the country from Pakistan almost 20 years prior and this seemed to irritate Finn.

Racial discrimination

Eamon had always taught Finn to treat people from all backgrounds with respect, no matter what their colour or race. Finn seemed to accept this but something was off. First the doctor’s car was stolen, then damage to the property and more worrying their house was broken into. It had been ransacked but nothing taken. “Just go home” was written on the wall in paint. Eamon had seen paint on Finn’s jeans and asked him if he knew anything about it. Finn denied any knowledge of it

Eamon knew he had something to do with it and couldn’t shake the feeling this was the start of something terrible. If Finn continued with his behaviour he’d end up in prison. He didn’t want to admit his son could be racist but what other explanation was there for his actions?

The disciplinarian

Eamon contacted us for a Dunmore lie detector test and ordered his son to take it. Finn didn’t have a problem with taking it as he still insisted he’d done nothing wrong. The lie detector office in Dunmore was discreet and the test was carried out.

Finn had ransacked the house and the results indicated he didn’t think the family belonged there, just because of where they came from. Eamon knew this was a really bad situation to be in and no amount of counselling would help. Finn had applied to join the army earlier in the year and had been accepted. He’d changed his mind about joining after getting in with the wrong crowd. Eamon told Finn he was joining the army or he was out on his ear.

Speaking to the neighbours, Eamon compensated them for damages and was able to persuade them not to press charges against his son.

Finn always thought he was hard and his actions had been the right course to push the neighbours out of his town. He believed that in joining the army, he’d be able to influence soldiers to adopt the same way of thinking. Finn was very shocked to find his racist comments got him into nothing but trouble and he now has a far better attitude. He has since apologised to the neighbours. The Dunmore lie detector test helped Finn become a better man, due to the actions of his father and some amazingly forgiving neighbours.

 Dunmore lie detector test

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